English: Dragopride, Fifth Omni Dignity
Kanji: ドラゴプライド 五角の矜持
Kana: ドラゴプライド ごかくのきょじ
Phonetic: Doragopuraido Gokaku no Kyōji
Japanese Translation: Dragopride, Pride of the Fifth Horned
Type: Spell
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Dragon / Charge / Recovery
Illust: 藤原ひさし
Flavor Text:
"We are the proud Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragons."
"No matter the enemy, we don't ever think of backing down."
Ability / Effect:
You may only cast this card if you have two or more cards with "Fifth Omni" in its card name on your field.
Put the top card from your deck into your gauge and you gain 2 life.
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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