Demonic Rock Mech Trooper, Dra-gollum (Anime)

"Demonic Rock Mech Trooper" Dra-gollum

"Duel Golem" (デュエルゴーレム Dyuerugoremu) is an attribute given to cards featuring rock-based animals, its currently exclusive to Danger World.


Duel Golems are monsters with high attack stats who are based around on attack effects to destroy your opponents field and their life points, but with their higher than usual stats and abilities, they will be destroyed after the battle unless you pay a gauge. Their central piece, "Demonic Rock Mech Trooper" Dra-gollum boosts the critical of all Duel Golems on the field as well, so they are high power, high critical beasts that can destroy your opponents life in 1 turn pretty easily. The item is seemingly also tied into the monsters post battle destruction hindrance by drawing from your deck if they are destroyed, refueling your resources to allow you to always be able to possibly keep the pressure alive.

A major weakness of the deck is that it tends to run out of steam quickly, so if you can survive their big onslought early on, the game is likely yours. Not many decks can handle such a thing easily, however, so be careful even if attempting this with a deck with high defensive capabilities. Another is their relative lack of defense. If you can rush them earlier than they do to you, you can get a win that way, as well.

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