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"Dungeon World" (ダンジョン Wワールド Danjon Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. Several cards in this world feature characters from the Buddyfight anime series as characters in a RPG. Dungeon World's card frame resembles a wall in a dungeon and features a treasure chest.


Dungeon World's main theme is emulating an RPG-like experience. Several of Dungeon World's effects involve mini-games such as playing Rock-Paper-Scissors or the opponent picking one of two cards that represent the luck element of RPGs.

The Adventurers represent players of an RPG and focus on gaining advantages from link attacking, simulating party members working together. There are also certain Mission cards that act like "quests" in that certain conditions need to be fulfilled. Of course, when fulfilled, these Mission cards reward the player. Some of the Adventurers are themed after Future Card Buddyfight anime characters, and most, save for the early gens, are Dual Cards that also work with their origins' deck, in addition to their Adventurer attribute. Essentially serve as tech engine.

The Dungeon Enemies, as the name suggests, represent enemies found during RPGs and are more focused on beatdown strategies and activating effects when destroyed. Though typically antagonistic towards the Adventurers, some have abilities that require cooperation from the Adventurers in order to activate.

The Demon Lords help to further enhance the abilities of Dungeon Enemies and can even activate specific abilities that require Demons Lords such as "respawning" more monsters or even activating devastating, world-destroying plans.

The Knights help to assist the Adventurers and specialize in dual-wielding items into battle. Knights also have abilities that activate when two items are equipped, further enhancing the dual-wielding strategy.

The Folktale are based around fairy tales. They use monsters whose effects activate when they're destroyed and can send monsters to the Item so they can then be called mid-battle phase.

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