Earth Barrier
English Earth Barrier
Kana アースバリア
Romaji Āsubaria
Type Spell
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Defense / Recovery
Illust 藤原ひさし
Other illust シダ
Flavor Text
(H-BT02): The Earth Barrier focuses on recovery. To be able to best use the barrier's recovery features, are the key to victory.
(H-SS01): I cast! Earth Barrier!
(D-SD): The amassed life source of the blue star, bestowed upon you.
(PR/0171EN): Cast! Earth Barrier!
(X-BT01A): Heard the prowess of this is proportional to the user's life force. Make good use of it.
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card if you are being attacked.
[Counter] Nullify the attack and you gain 1 life.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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