Future Astrology
D-BT02A-SS02-0004EN-B (Sample)
English Future Astrology
Kanji 未来占星術
Kana みらいせんせいじゅつ
Romaji Mirai Senseijutsu
Type Spell
World Legend World / Star Dragon World
Attribute Star / Draw
Illust シダ
Flavor Text
(young): That kind of future, might have existed --

(old): -- But this is the future that we have arrived at.

Ability / Effect
Choose and use one of the following two. You may only cast "Future Astrology" once per turn.
• Pay 1 gauge. If you do, if there is a 《Star》 on your field, draw a card and if there is a 《Neodragon》 on your field, draw a card.
[Counter] During this turn, your flag is regarded as "Legend World" and "Star Dragon World". (You do not change the world you're using!!)
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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