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Tasuku Ryuenji activating Future Force

"Future Force" (フューチャーフォース Fyūchāfōsu) is an ability created from the future which has the power to turn the power of the cards real. Tasuku Ryuenji first used this ability in episode 5 to counter Wolf's Dark Core Deck Case which gives him similar powers. Tasuku then used Future Force in episode 13 to protect Jackknife Dragon from Super Armordragon, Galvanic Feather Dragon when they were in another dimension. In episode 22, Tasuku used Future Force without authorization to protect a cruise liner before it hits an iceberg. When using Future Force, Tasuku's hair becomes longer. Tasuku also used Future Force during episode 32 to fight against Shosetsu Kirisame, who had been corrupted with the power of Disaster Force.

In episode 41, when Davide uses Disaster Force and attacks Gao, his Core Deck Case activates Future Force, allowing him to make the power of Blue Dragon Shield real and defend himself against Davide's attack. However, unlike Tasuku, Gao's hair does not become longer and it activates within the core gadget instead of relying on the Buddy Police to activate it. However, Gao has no idea how he came to get this power or how to activate it, as he thought he couldn't stop Kiri as the Grim Reaper. In episode 61, Gao gained control of the Future Force. In the season finale, he used it to close the portal to Darkness Dragon World opened by Disaster Force.

Kyoya Gaen theorizes that Future Force and Disaster Force might be the same power and ability. It is eventually revealed that they are actually different from each other.

The use of Future Force appears to be very restricted and disliked by authorities; Tasuku's repeated unauthorized use of it resulted in him losing his position as a Buddy Police officer.

True to its name, the Future Force uses the power of its user from the future. If the user is too far in the future (further than their future when they were still alive), this power becomes unusable.

Notable Users