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The Gaen Cup was a Buddyfight tournament held at Aibo Academy and was sponsored by Kyoya Gaen. The tournament was played by 8 teams. Each team requires three fighters to qualify. Kyoya announced it as a "kids only" tournament. Teams must win 2 fights to advance to the next round. The Tournament was broadcasted worldwide.

The real objective of the tournamentwas to reveal the existence of Disaster Force while tricking the world into believing that its needed to protect the world and get more kids to use it, by doing so, portals to Darkness Dragon World could be opened so the monsters from it would invade the Earth.


Team Balle du Soleil

Team Purgatory

Team Darkness Masterminds

Team Sengoku

Team Seifukai

Team Goddess

Team Destiny

Team 3-Bros Konmae

Gaen Cup Tournament Bracket

First Round Semi finals Final
 Balle du Soleil  W
 Goddess  L  
 Balle du Soleil  W
     Darkness Masterminds  L  
 3-Bros Konmae  L
 Darkness Masterminds  W  
 Balle du soleil  W
   Purgatory  L
 Sengoku  L
 Purgatory  W  
 Purgatory  W
     Destiny  L  
 Seifukai  L
 Destiny  W