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All enemies are powerless before my blade!

"Gargantua Dragon", or simply "Garga", is a major character in the Future Card Buddyfight Ace anime and manga, and is the buddy monster of Yuga Mikado

He is voiced by Tetsu Inada (Japanese) and Steve Olson (English).


Garga is shown to be quiet, stoic and proud due to being a Deity of Combat. He states that as a warrior, he limits his speech. He tends to get irritated by Yuga's repeated questions. He is also clueless when it comes to human culture and daily routines such as bath and games. Garga also feels such heavy shame when he does something out of his character such as eating a cartoonish ammount of octopus dumplings.


Gargantua Dragon SD (Full Body)

SD Form

Garga is a huge dragon; he is almost as big as Batzz. He has white skin, a white mane, and green eyes. He has two curved black horns that protrude from the top of his head, and two curved green horns on the side of his head. He wears a blue armor, which has gold trim and is embedded with green gems. He often has a mass of blades floating at his back. When he performs G•EVO, his side horns, and armour changes colors.

In his SD form, he seems to have an appearance of a hedgehog, as his mane seemingly covers his entire back. He does retain some of his features from his original form.


Long ago, he fought in a terrible battle against an unknown being, where he unleashed his powerful sword. Since then, he strives to make himself even stronger. Some time later, he is summoned to earth once his card is pulled by Yuga from a booster pack, and becomes his buddy. He is initially disappointed in Yuga, but becomes impressed when Yuga shows his skill in his first Buddyfight against Tasuku. During the fight, his sword evolves. After winning the fight, Garga went to Yuga's house where he showed his SD form.


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