Green Dragon Shield
ドラゴンシールド りょくりゅうたて
X2-BT01A-SP-S003EN (Sample)
English: Green Dragon Shield
Kanji: ドラゴンシールド 緑竜の盾
Kana: ドラゴンシールド りょくりゅうのたて
Phonetic: Doragon Shīrudo Ryokuryū no Tate
Japanese Translation: Dragon Shield, Shield of Green Dragon
Type: Spell
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Green Dragon / Defense
Illust: 藤原ひさし
Other illust: 北乃友利
Flavor Text
(TD01): Only a brave who reveals himself to the enemy can become a master of the sacred shield.
(PR): Cast! Green Dragon Shield!
(CP01): Green Dragon Shields are made from the scales of earth dragons. Raise it and feel the power of life flow through you.
(TD03): It is said that dragons are nature itself. Therefore, humans and dragons must work together.
(H-SD01): The history of the dragon world is incredibly rich. If read out, it may take around ten years... or so.
(D-SS-18): TBT: バディファイトは日々進化し、変わっていく。 しかし、変わらないもの、変わらない力があるのもまた事実。
(D-SS-37): TBT: 命を救うのも、命を奪うのも、同じ力だ。
(X-SD01): Warrior who doesn't fear pain. Your courage is most commendable. May the blessings of the Green Dragons be upon you.
(X2-SP): I cast! Green Dragon Shield!
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card during an attack on your opponent's turn and if you do not have a monster in the center.
[Counter] Nullify the attack and you gain 1 life.
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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