"Lord of Hundred Thunders" is the 3rd H Extra Booster released in the Japanese and English formats.

It is also the first booster set that did not use Gao Mikado's voice actor in its advertisement.



Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
H-EB03-0001EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0001 Hundred Demons General, Iyonorasetsuryu Monster Dragon World RRR+SP
H-EB03-0002EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0002 Hundred Demons General, Gishingyuki Monster Katana World RRR+SP
H-EB03-0003EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0003 Hundred Demons General, Braiden Monster Hero World RRR+SP
H-EB03-0004EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0004 Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo Monster - RRR
H-EB03-0005EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0005 Gedo Shield Spell Dragon World RR
H-EB03-0006EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0006 Armorknight Tiger "A" Monster Danger World RR
H-EB03-0007EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0007 User of Darkness, Dunstan Monster Magic World RR
H-EB03-0008EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0008 Poison Dragon Emperor, Misty Envy Monster Ancient World RR
H-EB03-0009EN.png H-EB03/0009 Caster of Forbidden Techniques, Velgaren Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
H-EB03-0010EN (Sample).png H-EB03/0010 Gate of Darkness Dragon Spell Darkness Dragon World RR
H-EB03-0011EN.png H-EB03/0011 Stranger Dilemma Monster Hero World RR
H-EB03-0012EN.png H-EB03/0012 There are no Places for You to Run! Impact Hero World RR
H-EB03-0013EN.png H-EB03/0013 Nightmare Scream Dragon Monster Dragon World R
H-EB03-0014EN.png H-EB03/0014 Armorknight Serpent Monster Danger World R
H-EB03-0015EN.png H-EB03/0015 Hundred Demons Destructive Power Raiga Spell Danger World R
H-EB03-0016EN.png H-EB03/0016 Hundred Demons Spear, Onikuzushi Item Danger World R
H-EB03-0017EN.png H-EB03/0017 King of General Knowledge, Furcas Monster Magic World R
H-EB03-0018EN.png H-EB03/0018 Giant Fiend Sword, Kuromuramasa Item Katana World R
H-EB03-0019EN.png H-EB03/0019 Phantom Dragon Emperor, Lucus Vision Monster Ancient World R
H-EB03-0020EN.png H-EB03/0020 Call Dragon Migidos Monster Ancient World R
H-EB03-0021EN.png H-EB03/0021 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Rineryusho Spell Ancient World R
H-EB03-0022EN.png H-EB03/0022 Iron Cyclops Monster Dungeon World R
H-EB03-0023EN.png H-EB03/0023 Battle Hyena, Dolz Monster Dungeon World R
H-EB03-0024EN.png H-EB03/0024 Proto Golem, Jariim Monster Dungeon World R
H-EB03-0025EN.png H-EB03/0025 Hundred Demons Mission Card, "Aim for the Link!" Spell Dungeon World R
H-EB03-0026EN.png H-EB03/0026 Demonic Beast, Afanc Monster Legend World R
H-EB03-0027EN.png H-EB03/0027 Scorn of Gremlin Spell Legend World R
H-EB03-0028EN.png H-EB03/0028 Black Dragon, Befreien Monster Darkness Dragon World R
H-EB03-0029EN.png H-EB03/0029 Great Leader, Anson Monster Hero World R
H-EB03-0030EN.png H-EB03/0030 Ruler of Terror Spell Hero World R
H-EB03-0031EN.png H-EB03/0031 Guillotine Axe Dragon Monster Dragon World U
H-EB03-0032EN.png H-EB03/0032 Hundred Demons Formation, Thunder Mine Stance Spell Dragon World U
H-EB03-0033EN.png H-EB03/0033 Gate of Dragon Spell Dragon World U
H-EB03-0034EN.png H-EB03/0034 Crush Execute Dragon, Zarrtelganger Monster Danger World U
H-EB03-0035EN.png H-EB03/0035 Armorknight Naga Monster Danger World U
H-EB03-0036EN.png H-EB03/0036 Rock Dragon, Galagoron Monster Danger World U
H-EB03-0037EN.png H-EB03/0037 Mysterious Decarabia Monster Magic World U
H-EB03-0038EN.png H-EB03/0038 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Do or Die Spell Magic World U
H-EB03-0039EN.png H-EB03/0039 Hundred Demons Sorcery, No-Brainer Spell Magic World U
H-EB03-0040EN.png H-EB03/0040 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Mad Dancing Spell Magic World U
H-EB03-0041EN.png H-EB03/0041 Wolf Masked Ninja, Benizumi Monster Katana World U
H-EB03-0042EN.png H-EB03/0042 Scorpion Armor, Kenrosai Monster Katana World U
H-EB03-0043EN.png H-EB03/0043 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Yamimonoimi Spell Katana World U
H-EB03-0044EN.png H-EB03/0044 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Hyakaryouran Spell Katana World U
H-EB03-0045EN.png H-EB03/0045 Red Dragon, Igneel Monster Ancient World U
H-EB03-0046EN.png H-EB03/0046 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Ryuzenshakuma Spell Ancient World U
H-EB03-0047EN.png H-EB03/0047 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Banryufuto Spell Ancient World U
H-EB03-0048EN.png H-EB03/0048 Evil Dryad Monster Dungeon World U
H-EB03-0049EN.png H-EB03/0049 Evil Deity Altar Spell Dungeon World U
H-EB03-0050EN.png H-EB03/0050 Hundred Demons Assault, Hundred Legion! Impact Dungeon World U
H-EB03-0051EN.png H-EB03/0051 World Snake, Jormungandr Monster Legend World U
H-EB03-0052EN.png H-EB03/0052 Destruction Demon, Razer Back Monster Legend World U
H-EB03-0053EN.png H-EB03/0053 Water Spirit, Rusalka Monster Legend World U
H-EB03-0054EN.png H-EB03/0054 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Nemesis Thunder Spell Legend World U
H-EB03-0055EN.png H-EB03/0055 Great Demonic Sword, Klarente Item Legend World U
H-EB03-0056EN.png H-EB03/0056 One Winged Hate Dragon, Left Slasher Monster Darkness Dragon World U
H-EB03-0057EN.png H-EB03/0057 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Death Sacrifice Spell Darkness Dragon World U
H-EB03-0058EN.png H-EB03/0058 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Dark Target Spell Darkness Dragon World U
H-EB03-0059EN.png H-EB03/0059 Steel Fist, Blacknuckle Item Darkness Dragon World U
H-EB03-0060EN.png H-EB03/0060 You've Finally Done it! Spell Hero World U
H-EB03-0061EN.png H-EB03/0061 Resurrected Evil Deity, Yamigedo Monster - BR
H-EB03-0001EN (Sample).png H-EB03/S001 Hundred Demons General, Iyonorasetsuryu Monster Dragon World SP
H-EB03-0002EN (Sample).png H-EB03/S002 Hundred Demons General, Gishingyuki Monster Katana World SP
H-EB03-S003EN.png H-EB03/S003 Hundred Demons General, Braiden Monster Hero World SP
H-EB03-★☆☆☆☆.png H-EB03/★☆☆☆☆ Katana World (card) Flag Katana World Secret
H-EB03-☆★☆☆☆.png H-EB03/☆★☆☆☆ Dungeon World (card) Flag Dungeon World Secret
H-EB03 (Secret 3).jpg H-EB03/☆☆★☆☆ Legend World (card) Flag Legend World Secret
H-EB03-☆☆☆★☆.png H-EB03/☆☆☆★☆ Darkness Dragon World (card) Flag Darkness Dragon World Secret
H-EB03-☆☆☆☆★.png H-EB03/☆☆☆☆★ Darkness Dragon World (card) Flag Darkness Dragon World Secret

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Ancient 4 3 - - - 7
Danger 5 1 1 - - 7
Darkness Dragon 3 3 1 - 2 9
Dragon 3 3 - - - 6
Dungeon 4 2 - 1 1 8
Hero 3 2 - 1 - 6
Katana 3 2 1 - 1 7
Legend 4 2 1 - 1 8
Magic 3 3 - - - 6
Other 1 - - - - 1

List of Extra Booster Sets
Season 1

EB01: Immortal EntitiesEB02: Great Clash!! Dragon VS Danger

Season 2<br\> H-EB01: Miracle Impack!H-EB02: Shadow VS HeroH-EB03: Lord of Hundred ThundersH-EB04: Buddy Allstars+

Season 3<br\> D-EB01: Buddyfight CollectionD-EB02: Super Hero's Great War ZD-EB03: Heaven & Hell

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