"Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Triple Deck" is the 1st H Special Series released in the Japanese format. All new cards from this product are included within the English Buddy Allstars+.


  • 3 pre-constructed decks with 52 cards each.
  • Includes 4 foil cards for each deck (1 BR/3 RR).
  • Includes further support for Dragon World, Ancient World and Star Dragon World.
  • There are 10 reprints and 11 new cards for Dragon World, 9 reprints and 13 new cards for Ancient World, 4 reprints and 15 new cards for Star Dragon World.
  • Includes a Rulebook, two Life Counters, and two Playmats.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
H-SS01-0022 (Sample) H-SS01/0022 Commandant of Enma Alliance, Burn Nova Monster Ancient World 5 1 BR/1 RRR/3 C
H-BT01-0027 H-SS01/0023 Bash Dragon Emperor, Champion Lord Monster Ancient World 2 C
PR-0154 H-SS01/0024 Sole-Path Dragon Emperor, Onystreet Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-BT03-0132EN H-SS01/0025 Descend Dragon Emperor, Everrock Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0026 (Sample) H-SS01/0026 Hungry Wolf Dragon Emperor, Edgeknuckle Monster Ancient World 4 C
H-EB04-0086EN H-SS01/0027 Enma Alliance, Jetcowl Monster Ancient World 2 C
EB01-0022 H-SS01/0028 Storm Dragon Emperor, Thundertornado Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0029 (Sample) H-SS01/0029 Enma Alliance, Regenthorn Monster Ancient World 4 C
H-EB04-0087EN H-SS01/0030 Enma Alliance, Onizorihead Monster Ancient World 2 C
EB01-0038 H-SS01/0031 Ice Dragon Emperor, Glacies Monster Ancient World 3 C
H-EB04-0088EN H-SS01/0032 Enma Alliance, Kilmince Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0033 (Sample) H-SS01/0033 Enma Alliance, Cutbilly Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0034 (Sample) H-SS01/0034 Charging Head-first Ricky Monster Ancient World 2 1 RRR/1 C
H-EB04-0090EN H-SS01/0035 Dragon Kid, Giry Monster Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0036 (Sample) H-SS01/0036 An Encounter with a Dragon Spell Ancient World 2 C
EB01-0007 H-SS01/0037 Divine Dragon Creation Spell Ancient World 1 C
H-EB04-0075EN (Sample) H-SS01/0038 Dragon Emperor Legend Spell Ancient World 2 1 RR/1 C
EB01-0027 H-SS01/0039 Rise & Fall of Dragons Spell Ancient World 2 C
H-EB04-0091EN H-SS01/0040 Surges and Dragons of Life Spell Ancient World 2 C
H-SS01-0041 (Sample) H-SS01/0041 Disposition of the Chief Item Ancient World 4 C
H-SS01-0042 (Sample) H-SS01/0042 Our Friendship Will Never Perish! Impact Ancient World 2 C
FG-0005 (Sample) H-SS01/0043 Ancient World (card) Flag Ancient World 1 C

List of Special Series
Season 1

SS01: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Double Deck

Season 2
H-SS01: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Triple Deck

Season 3
D-SS01: Neo Dragonic Force & Wings of DemiseD-SS02: Dual Start Deck, Star Form Guidepost & Cosmo EliminationD-SS03: Golden Buddy Champion Box

Season 4
X-SS01: X Special Series 1: Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation VS Hundred Thunder DemonsX-SS02: X Special Series 2: Radiant Evolution VS Purgatory Knights ConvictionX-SS03: X Special Series 3: 5 WORLD BUILD MASTERSX-SS04: X Duel Chest

Season 5
X2-SS01: Bullets of the Sun VS World Of Demise

Season 6
S-SS01: Lost DimensionS-SS02: 3 Garga Decks! Impact! Triple PunisherS-SS03: The End Zero

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