"Radiant Force" is the 1st H Trial Deck released in the Japanese and English format, following H Trial Deck 1: Crimson Fist.


  • A constructed deck with 52 cards.
  • Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.
  • Includes further support for Hero World.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
H-SD02-0001EN H-SD02/0001 Adventure Continent, Gunvellz Monster Hero World 4 3 C/1 RR
H-SD02-0002EN H-SD02/0002 Rescue Dragon, Crossbuster Monster Hero World 4 3 C/1 RR
H-SD02-0003EN H-SD02/0003 Eco-Hero, Solarpanelman Monster Hero World 3 3 C
H-SD02-0004EN H-SD02/0004 Heavy Trooper, Iron Saver Monster Hero World 4 4 C
H-SD02-0005EN H-SD02/0005 Radio Controlled Machine, Maxstorm Monster Hero World 3 3 C
H-SD02-0006EN H-SD02/0006 Stray Warrior, Vier Monster Hero World 4 4 C
H-SD02-0007EN H-SD02/0007 Cyber Police, Hyper Rescue Monster Hero World 3 3 C
H-SD02-0008EN H-SD02/0008 Draw Away the Lackeys! Spell Hero World 2 2 C
H-SD02-0009EN H-SD02/0009 There, I See It! Spell Hero World 2 2 C
H-SD02-0010EN H-SD02/0010 Justice Will Prevail! Spell Hero World 4 4 C
H-SD02-0011EN H-SD02/0011 It's About Time I Got Serious! Spell Hero World 2 2 C
H-SD02-0012EN H-SD02/0012 I've Seen Through Your Moves! Spell Hero World 4 4 C
H-SD02-0013EN H-SD02/0013 Launch! Buddy Police Spell Hero World 3 3 C
H-SD02-0014EN H-SD02/0014 I'm Still Alive! Spell Hero World 2 2 C
H-SD02-0015EN H-SD02/0015 Army Rifle, Line Thunder Item Hero World 4 4 C
H-SD02-0016EN H-SD02/0016 Equation of Victory, Winning Formula! Impact Hero World 3 2 C/1 RR
H-SD02-0017 H-SD02/0017 Hero World (card) Flag Hero World 1 1 C

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 7 7 1 1 1 17
Number of Copies 22 19 4 3 1 52

List of Trial Decks
Season 1

TD01: Dominant DragonsTD02: Savage SteelTD03: Dragonic ForceTD04: Braves ExplosionTD05: Ninja OnslaughtTD06: Dark PulseTD07: Tomorrow! Asmodai

Season 2
HTD01: Crimson FistHTD02: Radiant ForceHTD03: Dragonic StarHTD04: Malicious Demons

Season 3
D-SD01: Scorching Sun DragonsD-SD01: Scorching Sun DragonD-SD02: Cross DragonerD-SD03: Hollow Black Dragon D-TD01: Dragon Emperor of the Colossal Ocean

Season 4
X-SD01: Demon Lord Dragon of TempestX-SD02: Dragon FielderX-TD01: Decimating Black DragonX-TD02: Ruler of HavocX-TD03: Thunderous Warlords Alliance

Season 6
S-SD01: DradeityS-SD02: Triangulum GalaxyS-SD03: Spiral Linkdragon OrderS-TD01: DraknightS-TD02: Legend of Double Horus

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