An example of a Hate Card

"Hate Cards", known as "Meta Cards" (メタカード Meta Kādo) in the Japanese version, are cards designed to take down opponents who use specific card types.

While the cards themselves are perfectly legal and their use isn't considered cheating, their use can be looked down upon, as they are only effective against specific matchups, and using those cards just to beat a certain opponent can be considered unfair play. They are also mostly useless when used against any other matchup. As a result, most Hate Cards tend to be placed in the sideboard, only being brought out against the deck type they were designed to beat.

Dragon Vanquishing cards are an example of Hate Cards; they only work when used against cards which possess the trait of "Dragon", and are far less effective against other traits which will not trigger their effects.

Messiah Arms are another example of hate cards also aimed at countering "Dragon" cards. Many of their cards, especially the items, can only be played to their fullest extent if your opponent controls a monster with the "Dragon" trait.

The anime character Raremaro was used to explain the downside of using Hate cards (similar to how Katsumi Morikawa is used to show the effects of using an unbalanced deck in the Cardfight!! Vanguard series, another Trading Card Game also owned by Bushiroad), when his deck was completely designed to counter Dragon World, but became useless when used against a Magic World deck, resulting in him losing quickly and easily.

List of Hate Cards

Dragon World

Legend World

Dungeon World

Katana World


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