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"Hero World" (ヒーローWワールド Hīrō Wārudo) is one of the playable Worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. This world is themed after giant robots, super heroes, rescue dragons and aliens and pays homage to many classic Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Super Robot series. The card frame resembles a cockpit of a spaceship.


Hero World prides itself in its equippable monsters. These monsters, armed with the keywords Transform, Ride, or Station, can be equipped and become an item. This allows the player to ignore that monster's size and instead be granted that monster's defense in addition to its power, critical, and other abilities.

Depending on which keyword the monster possesses, the cards that help support that monster change as some support cards are restricted to specific keywords.The World's various attributes make use of the equippable monsters in multiple diferent ways.

Darkheroes deviate from the standard Hero World playstyle, instead relying on hit-an-run tactics with monsters that leave the field after attacking or by calling multiple impact monsters in one turn through special cards.

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  • At 5, this world has the most exclusive keywords of any world in Future Card Buddyfight.
    • This world is also unique for it has the most sets released only about it.

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