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Hikaru Ichibanboshi is a character that appears in Future Card Buddyfight Ace. His buddy monster is Great Dragon of Genesis, Bigbang Dragon.

Middle school student who works as a model. Loves flashy things and standing out. He started to Buddyfight thinking "Not playing Buddyfight in this day and age is Nonsense!" Soon after he, possessing great luck, got himself Buddy from the strongest class. Although he is acting cool and has lots of frivolous words and deeds, his side of giving all his effort to make himself shine is serious. His parents own a small shop his mother currently runs. Born on 7th of July.



Buddyfight Legends

Hikaru came from a poor family. His father had died when he was a child, leaving his mother to run the bento shop his family owned. His mother was the one who inspired him to take up modeling under the tutelage of Ageha Gokuraku. At some point in his life, he became the buddy of Great Dragon of Genesis, Bigbang Dragon.

After winning the semifinals of "The Model Buddyfighter Ultimate Playoffs", he was able to join the finals. However, his opponent in the finals was his mentor, Ageha Gokuraku, leading to stress on his part. How could he buddyfight and win against the woman who taught him everything he knows? Nonetheless, he showed up at the fight. Against Ageha and her Divine Guardians, Hikaru was able to take victory after nearly losing alongside his buddy, Big Bang.

A little after this, he received a letter from Kei Jinguji offering a position in the World Buddy Academia. He joined after realizing he can achieve his dreams by joining.


Hikaru projects an energetic, flamboyant personality as part of being a model. However, this is mostly an act for the press. Away from the cameras, he is a kind and empathetic person. He took up modeling to support his mom after his dad passed, and that has been his motivation to become the most famous model, known everywhere, to support his mom.


Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 6)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Ageha Gokuraku Buddyfight Legends "Hikaru Ichibanboshi" Win