Hundred Demons Sorcery, Thunderbolt Exploding Circle
百鬼魔導 万雷降爆陣
English Hundred Demons Sorcery, Thunderbolt Exploding Circle
Kanji 百鬼魔導 万雷降爆陣
Kana ひゃっきまどう ばんらいこうばくじん
Type Spell
Attribute Defense / Hundred Demons
Illust: 末冨 正直
Flavor Text
We can keep going Yamigedo! We can do so much more with our power!
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card if a size 3 monster with "Yamigedo" in its card name is on your field.
[Counter] Draw a card, and choose and use one of the following two.
• [Stand] a 《Hundred Demons》 on your field.
• Choose a monster on your field. You gain life equal to the chosen monster's size, and for this turn, the next time that card would be destroyed, nullify its destruction.
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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