Hyper Rainbow Vision, Shadowscare
超次元二次影 シャドウスキアー
S-BT02A-UB04-0011EN (Sample)
English Hyper Rainbow Vision, Shadowscare
Kanji 超次元二次影 シャドウスキアー
Kana ハイパーレインボービション シャドウスキアー
Romaji Haipā Reinbō Bishon Shadousukiā
Type Monster
Size 1
Power 6000
Critical 1
Defense 1000
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Neodragon
Illust イシバシヨウスケ
Flavor Text
Breaking through the dimensional wall, and burst forth! This is my new power!
Ability / Effect
If an originally size 2 or greater 《Neodragon》 is on your field, this card on the field gets size reduced by 1.
"Miracle Vision" When a soul is put into your 《Neodragon》, look at top three cards of your deck, put one from among them into your gauge, one from among them into your hand. Then, drop the rest or put them into the soul of a monster on your field. "Miracle Vision" only activates once per turn.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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