I've Seen Through Your Moves!
English I've Seen Through Your Moves!
Kanji お前の技は見切った!
Kana おまえのわざはみきった!
Romaji Omae no Waza wa Mikitta!
Type Spell
World Hero World
Attribute Defense
Illust Mがんぢー
Flavor Text
(H-SD02): Wake up! Sieben! You have been decieved!
(H-PP01): Silence, Einder! I will not be swayed by your words!
(D-EB02): I've already seen that move before!
(D-SS03): It won't hit. With that level of child's play.!
(X-UB02): TBT: 遊んでいる訳じゃ無い?そいつは失礼。
(X-BT03A-UB02): Oh, you weren't fooling around? My you'd have to excuse my assumption.
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card during an attack on your opponent's turn and if you do not have a monster in the center.
[Counter] Nullify the attack.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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