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The "Impact" (ひっさつわざ Hissatsuwaza, literally "Special Killing Move" or "Finishing Move") is one of the card types used in Future Card Buddyfight. They are designed sideways. Impacts are often used to deal the final damage and win the game, though this is not always the case. Some impacts may also be "Impact Monsters".

For the collaboration titles, see also Special.

Impact Cards' parts

  • Card name: The Impact's name.
  • World name: The World which the Impact belongs to.
  • Attribute: Additional category to classify an Impact card. 
  • Impact effect: What the Impact uses to affect the game or player. Impacts only can be cast during the owner's final phase (unless they have a Counter ability), and he/she can cast any number of Impact cards as possible. Many Impact cards have a "Cast Cost", so the player must pay the cost written in order to cast it.
  • Flavor text: A commentary about the Impact. Some cards do not have Flavor Text.

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