The powers of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Devouring the souls of Dragon and Demon, Beast and Deity. Destroy these loathsome bonds!

—Inverse Fiends, H Episode 37

Inverse Fiends.png

The "Inverse Fiends" (裏外道衆 Uragedō Shū, literally "Inverse Unorthodox Crowd") are group of 8 Buddyfighters formed by Gratos to counter the The Omni Lords and their attempt to seal Yamigedo.


The first two members of the group, Sofia and Shido, were recruited and served under Ikazuchi at the beginning of Future Card Buddyfight Hundred. For the majority of the season, they performed various acts under Ikazuchi's order in order to satisfy both his and Yamigedo's hunger.

After a series of events, such as Gratos's appearance, Noburu's kidnapping, and Ikazuchi's loss to Gao and disappearance, Gratos took over the role of Leader of the Hundred Demons and began to put into motion Yamigedo's revival. He began by using "Tiger" to defeat prominent Buddyfighters in the area of Cho Tokyo and, should their skills impress them, they would be kidnapped, brainwashed and turned to stone until they were needed.

Davide Yamazaki was recruited as a result of a chance reunion between him and Shido. After finding out Kiri's true origins and his subsequent loss towards him, he decided to offer his services for a chance at revenge.

In H Episode 37, all of the members were used for their intended purpose and with their powers combined, managed to thwart the Omni Lord's Sealing Ritual. With that, Yamigedo was able to successfully metemorphise into his most powerful form yet.

List of Members

Name Recruitment Inverse Lord
Jin Magatsu Brainwashed INV First Omni Beast Lord, Kage Ziun
Suzuha Amanosuzu Brainwashed INV Second Omni Demon Lord, Death Asmodai
Noboru Kodo Brainwashed, referred to as "Tiger" INV Third Omni Water Lord, Dark Miserea
Genma Todoroki Brainwashed INV Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Venom Nova
Magoroku Shido Recruited willingly under Ikazuchi INV Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Crazed Tenbu
Sofia Sakharov Recruited willingly under Ikazuchi INV Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Catastrophe Cord
Kemura Brainwashed INV Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Twilight Count
Davide Yamazaki Recruited willingly under Gratos's reign. INV Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Devilgadez


  • It is unknown if Ikazuchi was a possible candidate for the Inverse Fiends, given he was brainwashed by Gratos as well.
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