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The Items (アイテム) are one of the card types in Future Card Buddyfight, they represent weapons and artifacts the players use to battle by themselves.

Similar to monsters, Items are generally used to attack, but are not placed in the monsters' areas, instead they are equipped to the player's flag and may only attack if the player doesn't have a monster in the center area unless an ability allows them to bypass this restriction. You may only have one item equipped unless a card effect allows you to equip more, so if you equip a new one the previous one will be sent to the Drop Zone.

Because items are placed in the Flag area and represent the player, they can't be directly targeted for attacks as the attack would be targeting the player. Some items can have defense.

Item cards' parts

  • Card name: The item's name.
  • World name: The World which the item belongs to.
  • Attribute: Additional category to classify items. All items have a specific attribute depending on its use, Weapon for attacking, Staff for support, etc.
  • Power: The item's attacking power.
  • Defense: If an item has Defense power, the opponent's attacking cards must have power equal or greater than the item's defense in order to deal damage when attacking the player.
  • Critical: Amount of damage items can deal to the opponent.
  • Ability: What the items use to affect the game, some items may not have abilities. If an item has "Equip Cost", you must pay the cost(s) written in order to equip it from the hand.
  • Flavor text: A commentary about the item in the artwork. Some cards do not have Flavor Text.

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