Katana World (card)
English Katana World (card)
Kana カタナワールド
Romaji Katana Wārudo
Type Flag
World Katana World
Illust OLM
Other illust XEBEC / たり(PandaGraphics)
Flavor Text
(PR/0060EN): Sword of destiny! Pierce hearts of darkness... and evil!
(PR/0140): TBT: 忍ぶれど、音に聞こえし我が剣(つるぎ)!ルミナイズ!
(H-EB01-★★★★☆) You have...fallen right into my trap!
(H-EB03/★☆☆☆☆): A terrifying spectacle is about to begin.
(PR/0249 & PR/0183EN): White moon in the night, stealthy blades cut down my foes like the moon's shadow. Luminize, Kisaragi Legend of Wind and Cloud, Yasha Dance!
(PR/0361 & PR/0235EN): To devour people is to walk the Path of Oni! Let bloom, the Flowers of Evil!
(S-UB02): Purging, purifications, protect, luminize!
Ability / Effect
You may use <Katana World> and <Generic> cards.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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