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This is so exciting, I just love our fun adventures, you guys!

—Kuguru Uki hanging out with her friends

Kuguru Uki (宇木くぐる Uki Kuguru) is a student attending the 6th-year elementary division of Aibo Academy. She is classmates with Gao Mikado and Baku Omori, as well as being a childhood friend of the latter. She's also a huge support to Gao, to the point of blackmailing Baku in order to get him to build a deck for Gao.  She is nicknamed "The Library" due to her vast card knowledge and carries a tablet to display card info. The lamps in her hair can light-up.

She is a member of team Balle du Soleil, along with Gao Mikado, Baku Omori, and Kiri Hyoryu. She is the team's card analyzer.

She is voiced by Mikoi Sasaki in Japanese, Maddie Duke (Seasons 1 and 2) and Emma Duke (Season 4 onwards) in English.


Kuguru has purple hair tied in two small pigtails that stick out of the circular lamps on her head. She has a light green hairclip that holds a part of her bangs that curl to the right of her face. She wears glasses with circular lenses and a red frame. She wears a white long-sleeve shirt with a fuchsia ribbon and teal accents that extends down to her legs to also act as a skirt. Its appearance is similar to that of a Japanese sailor outfit. She also wears white thigh-high boots with teal accents and a color scheme similar to her shirt.


Anime Biography

Season 1

In episode 36, when Baku states that he would choose lunch over love after Craftsman, Baku and Sage, Kuguru were seen holding hands and showing light signs of affection during a buddyfight, she harshly stuffed all 4 of Tetsuya's head bananas which she plucked from his head into Baku's mouth. Suggesting that she does, in fact, have a crush on Baku. In Episode 62, When Gao defeated Kyoya, she hugged Baku.

Season 2: Hundred


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Buddyfight record

Record (Season 1)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Baku Omori (as Shusui Kanahebi) 58 Win
Record (Season 2)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Zanya Kisaragi H08 Lose