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"Legend World" (レジェンドワールド Rejendo Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. This world revolves around mythological creatures and folk-tales from Europe such as the Round Table, Norse Mythology and Greek Mythology Legend World's card frame features a metallic gold plate with a swirly ornate vine-like design.


Legend World has widely varied playstyles and varied abilities depending on the different attributes. However, almost all of the attributes in the world revolve around some form of discarding hand cards, with multiple effects activating to migate these losses.

In general, each attribute represents various tales from mythology and folklore. The characteristics from these stories reveal themselves in their playstyles.

The Olympus and Wydar Sarkal attributes call upon various monsters of legend to relentlessly assault the opponent in coordinated formations.

Heroes summon the Knights of the Round Table to do their bidding. Their monsters gain advantages when link attacking, and their items tend to have the Equipment Change keyword that allows a player to switch between items depending on the situation. Additionally, their items have very high consistency, with one key item allowing the player to equip multiple items at once.

Asgard constructs an intricate chain of effects that rely on discarding cards from hand. By solving this "puzzle", certain combos can be performed that benefit the player and leave the opponent completely helpless.

Members of the Star attribute focus on maintaining a stronghold. They can lockdown the opponent with their sturdy monsters and render their opponent's abilities moot, while also having powerful discard effects.

Fairies dawdle while filling their drop zone. When enough Fairy cards are in the drop zone, their powerful abilities and spells unlock.

The Empyreal Corps allow themselves to take damage then retaliate by dealing effect damage and calling monsters during the opponent's turn with "Advent".

Legend Dragons focus heavily on the buddy. They include keywords that allow multiple buddies in the buddy zone, including "Double Buddy" and "Triple Buddy", along with ways to buddy call more than once a game with added benefits.

The Messiah Arms are in effect a collection of hate cards, with numerous effects that punish the opponent for playing cards with the Dragon trait. Besides that, they also focus around a powerful item that can be equipped with the cost of an associated monster and item, which is strongest when battling a Dragon deck.

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  • In the first preview, this world was known as "Mythology World" (ミソロジーワールド Misorojī Wārudo).
  • Until the release of S Trial Deck 2: Legend of Double Horus in 2019, Legend World has taken the longest amount of time to acquire a trial deck with only Legend World card's, at approximately 5 years since it was first introduced into the game in the English version.

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