Licht "SD" & Dunkelheit "SD"
English Licht "SD" & Dunkelheit "SD"
Kanji リヒト“SD”&ドゥンケルハイト“SD”
Kana リヒト“エスディー”&ドゥンケルハイト“エスディー”
Romaji Rihito “Esudī” ando Dunkeruhaito “Esudī”
Type Monster
Size 0
Power 2000
Critical 1
Defense 2000
World Magic World
Attribute Wizard
Illust BISAI
Flavor Text
"Ugh, it's too heavy~!" "Get a grip..."
Ability / Effect
When you cast a spell, you gain 1 life. Then, if this is during your opponent's turn, put a card from the top of your deck into your gauge. This ability only activates once per turn.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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