Link Attack as it appears in the rulebook.

"Link Attack" (れんけいこうげき Renkei Kōgeki) is a technique used to attack with two or more monsters and/or items at the same time as one single attack. All attacking cards are rested, and the power of the attack and damage to be dealt is equal to the combined value of all cards participating in the link attack. The player who goes first cannot perform a link attack during that first turn.


  • Any number of cards that are able to attack, may participate in a link attack.
  • The player can only perform a link attack during the attack phase, but also during any phase, as long as the chosen cards are able to do it.
  • If you have a monster in your center, your item cannot link attack UNLESS the item has an effect that allows it to attack while the center is occupied.
  • If all cards other than one in a link attack leave the field, the attack is no longer considered a link attack.[1]
  • When link attacking a target(s), all cards participating in the link attack must be able to attack said target. If not, a link attack cannot be performed with them.

List of Actions
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