English: Notify: Defensive Tactics
Kanji: 通告「防衛占術」
Kana: つうこく「ぼうえいせんじゅつ」
Phonetic: Tsūkoku "Bōei Senjutsu"
Type: Spell
World: Star Dragon World
Attribute: Astrodragon / Defense
Illust: Studio Porta Co., Ltd.
Flavor Text:
Just as I predicted.
Ability / Effect:
You may only cast this card during your opponent's turn, and if you have two or more 《Astrodragon》 on your field.
[Counter] For this turn, all cards on your opponent's field get power-5000, defense-5000, and critical-1!
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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