"Golden Buddy Pack" is the 1st Perfect Pack released in the Japanese format. It was released in the English format as Golden Buddy Pack ver.E.


  • Contains 58 cards (40 RR/18 BR).
  • There are 16 reprints and 42 new cards.
  • Includes further support for all 9 current worlds.
  • Each pack contains 3 random cards; one reprint and two new cards.


Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
PP01/0001 Skyblue Dragon, Crystal Saber Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0002 Drop Arms Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0003 Colichemarde Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0004 Dragon Knight, Sanosuke Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0005 Dragon Knight, Selim Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0006 Disturb Hand Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0007 Heavy-Armor Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0008 Dragon Knight, Slayman Monster Dragon World RR
PP01/0009 Armorknight Lethal Drake Monster Danger World RR
PP01/0010 Wasp Blast Dragon, Gigabeera Monster Danger World RR
PP01/0011 Skeleton Armored Dragon, Medrogirus Monster Danger World RR
PP01/0012 Armorknight Eagle "A" Monster Danger World RR
PP01/0013 Demon Realm Knights Leader, Sabnac Monster Magic World RR
PP01/0014 Chain Magic Master, Link Monster Magic World RR
PP01/0015 Reminiscing the Homeland Marcosius Monster Magic World RR
PP01/0016 Magic Power Researcher, Ren Kogasaki Monster Magic World RR
PP01/0017 Breakthrough Ninja, Rasenmaru Monster Katana World RR
PP01/0018 Defiant, Sabifukuro Monster Katana World RR
PP01/0019 Agent Ninja, Mamiya Monster Katana World RR
PP01/0020 Moss Wall, Fudogame Monster Katana World RR
PP01/0021 Ghoul Dragon Emperor, Adil Diablos Monster Ancient World RR
PP01/0022 Emerald Dragon Emperor, Jedaflight Monster Ancient World RR
PP01/0023 Seek Dragon Emperor, Azludea Monster Ancient World RR
PP01/0024 Sky Dragon, Japerrot Monster Ancient World RR
PP01/0025 Guardian Dragon of Demon Lord Castle, Deukruzar Monster Dungeon World RR
PP01/0026 Wandering Salaryman Buddyfighter, Amigo★Takata Monster Dungeon World RR
PP01/0027 Young Pope, Alex Monster Dungeon World RR
PP01/0028 One Gauge Demon Monster Dungeon World RR
PP01/0029 First Tribulation, Gold Lion of Nemea Monster Legend World RR
PP01/0030 Glacier Dragon, Zilant Monster Legend World RR
PP01/0031 Panther Robed Knight, Tariel Monster Legend World RR
PP01/0032 Valkyrie, All-knowing Alwidol Monster Legend World RR
PP01/0033 Graveyard of Demonic Swords, Graybard Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0034 Eternal Silence, Orbit Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0035 Extreme Prison, Zwinger Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0036 Infectious Malevolence, Yuberium Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0037 Death Ruler, Manifile Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0038 Death Ruler, Galkheight Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0039 Purgatory Knights, Eval Grebe Dragon Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0040 Purgatory Knights, Lunacy Wand Dragon Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
PP01/0041 Jackknife "Aggressor" Monster Dragon World BR
PP01/0042 Drum Bunker Dragon Monster Dragon World BR
PP01/0043 Dragon Knight, El Quixote Monster Dragon World BR
PP01/0044 Armorknight Demon Monster Danger World BR
PP01/0045 Fighting Dragon, Demongodol Monster Danger World BR
PP01/0046 Center of the World, Mary Sue Monster Magic World BR
PP01/0047 Demon Lord, Asmodai Monster Magic World BR
PP01/0048 Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage Monster Katana World BR
PP01/0049 Evil in Heart, Yamigitsune Monster Katana World BR
PP01/0050 Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer" Monster Ancient World BR
PP01/0051 Duel Sieger "Spartand" Monster Ancient World BR
PP01/0052 Bladewing Phoenix Monster Dungeon World BR
PP01/0053 Legendary Brave, Tasuku Monster Dungeon World BR
PP01/0054 Immortal Sword, Durandal Item Legend World BR
PP01/0055 Wind Fairy, Sylph Monster Legend World BR
PP01/0056 Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka Monster Darkness Dragon World BR
PP01/0057 Death Ruler, Gallows Monster Darkness Dragon World BR
PP01/0058 Captain Answer Monster Hero World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Ancient 6 - - - 6
Danger 6 - - - 6
Darkness Dragon 10 - - - 10
Dragon 11 - - - 11
Dungeon 6 - - - 6
Hero 1 - - - 1
Katana 6 - - - 6
Legend 6 - 1 - 7
Magic 6 - - - 6

List of Perfect Packs
PP01: Golden Buddy Pack (ver.E)
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