English: Protector of Swords, Gar-Einer
Kanji: 剣の守護者 ガル・アイナー
Kana: つるぎのしゅごしゃ ガル・アイナー
Phonetic: Tsurugi no Shyugosha Garu Ainā
Size: 0
Type: Monster
Power: 3000
Critical: 1
Defense: 1000
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Deity Dragon Tribe
Illust: けわい
Flavor Text:
They are elites with enough power to guard a shrine alone.
Ability / Effect:
This card can only be called to the center.
[Counter] 【Act】 During your turn, choose another 《Deity Dragon Tribemonster on your field, and you may pay 1 life and put this card into the chosen card's soul. If you do, [Stand] the chosen card.
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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