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  • One way to use Demios's effect more times than usual is to have a Size 0 or Size 1 Purgatory Knight with Soulguard and 1 or more Soul on the field. By using Soulguard to keep that monster on the field when Demios uses its effect, it will still count as a destruction for Demios's effect. This essentially means that per Soul used, you get 1 extra attack with Demios.
    • If you use a size 0 or size 1 Purgatory Knight as your Buddy, Ultimate Buddy! can be cast on it to give it Soulguard and/or 1 soul towards the above strategy. Casting multiple Ultimate Buddy!s on it increases further the number of attacks possible with Demios.
    • A good card for this would be Purgatory Knights, Eval Grebe Dragon. With it, you can at least draw two cards.