Railgun, E Magneliaz
超電砲 E・マグネリアス
English Railgun, E Magneliaz
Kanji 超電砲 E・マグネリアス
Kana レールガン E・マグネリアス
Romaji Rērugan E Maguneriasu
Type Monster
Size 2
Power 6000
Critical 2
Defense 5000
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Neodragon
Illust 汐山このむ
Flavor Text
Pierce through! Magnetic Rail Blast!
Ability / Effect
This card can only be called to the center.
[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Put a card from your hand into this card's soul]
[Penetrate] [Soulguard]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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