Reverse Skull, "Guilty Wave"
リバースカル “ギルティ・ウェーブ!”
English Reverse Skull, "Guilty Wave"
Kana リバースカル “ギルティ・ウェーブ!”
Type Impact Monster
Size 2
Power 8000
Critical 2
Defense 3000
World Hero World
Attribute Darkhero
Flavor Text
Taste it with your body and soul, the grudges of those who have suffered because of you.
Ability / Effect
You may only call this card if you have a 《Darkheroitem equipped and you have no monsters on your field.
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
When this card enters the field, if you have four or more different 《Darkhero》 in your drop zone, put up to one 《Darkhero》 that is not an impact monster from your drop zone into your hand.
At the end of the battle of this card, return this card to your hand.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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