"True Awakening of Deities" is the 3rd S Booster Set released in the Japanese formats.


  • Contains 88 cards, (3 BR/4 SP/2 AR/15 Secret/8 RRR/12 RR/12 R/12 U/20 C).
  • Includes further support for Dragon World, Magic World, Ancient World, Star Dragon World, and Lost World.
  • Each box includes one character illustration Flag card, total of 8 types (Limited only to the first print edition).
  • Each booster pack contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely R or greater.
  • One Secret Pack and all 2 different Ace Rares are guaranteed per box.
  • There are 3 different variants of Secret Packs.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-BT03-0001 S-BT03/0001 Dimension Dragon, Epis Monster Dragon World RRR
S-BT03-0002 S-BT03/0002 Gargantua Dragon, "Gattling Mode" Monster Dragon World RRR
S-BT03-0003 S-BT03/0003 Magic Singer, Sync Monster Magic World RRR
S-BT03-0004 S-BT03/0004 Examinate Spell Magic World RRR
S-BT03-0005 S-BT03/0005 Domilord, Zerberos Monster Ancient World RRR
S-BT03-0006 S-BT03/0006 Dragon Lord Bursts Forth Spell Ancient World RRR
S-BT03-0007 S-BT03/0007 Seerfight Dragon, Coupe Monster Star Dragon World RRR
S-BT03-0008 S-BT03/0008 Ankosred Noitdead Monster Lost World RRR
S-BT03-0009 S-BT03/0009 † Bloodstained Dark Princess † Marrow Ellis Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT03-0010 S-BT03/0010 Dimension Dragon, Ankos Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT03-0011 S-BT03/0011 Gar-Down Spell Dragon World RR
S-BT03-0012 S-BT03/0012 Magicat Monster Magic World RR
S-BT03-0013 S-BT03/0013 Flame of Memories Spell Magic World RR
S-BT03-0014 S-BT03/0014 Terruca-le! Spell Magic World RR
S-BT03-0015 S-BT03/0015 Emplord, Zerberos Lost Monster Ancient World RR
S-BT03-0016 S-BT03/0016 Seamless Dragon Lord Spell Ancient World RR
S-BT03-0017 S-BT03/0017 Barrage Dive! Spell Ancient World RR
S-BT03-0018 S-BT03/0018 Queen: Naranja Staff Monster Star Dragon World RR
S-BT03-0019 S-BT03/0019 Govern Star Dragon, Feslon Monster Star Dragon World RR
S-BT03-0020 S-BT03/0020 Dimension Denial Spell Lost World RR
S-BT03-0021 S-BT03/0021 Bothel Gardra Monster Dragon World R
S-BT03-0022 S-BT03/0022 《Spirit Echo》 Raison D'etre Spell Dragon World R
S-BT03-0023 S-BT03/0023 D. Decline Spell Dragon World R
S-BT03-0024 S-BT03/0024 Sorcery Deity Dragon, Blauheit Monster Magic World R
S-BT03-0025 S-BT03/0025 Magic Guitarist, Hisui Monster Magic World R
S-BT03-0026 S-BT03/0026 Magic Bassist, Asagi Monster Magic World R
S-BT03-0027 S-BT03/0027 Droplets of Temptation Spell Magic World R
S-BT03-0028 S-BT03/0028 Viclord, Zerberos Zeed Monster Ancient World R
S-BT03-0029 S-BT03/0029 Tyralord, Zerberos Aog Monster Ancient World R
S-BT03-0030 S-BT03/0030 Overcrest Spell Ancient World R
S-BT03-0031 S-BT03/0031 Lord of the Skies Spell Ancient World R
S-BT03-0032 S-BT03/0032 Govern Star Dragon, Dexter Albus Monster Star Dragon World R
S-BT03-0033 S-BT03/0033 Gar-Lens-Shield Spell Dragon World U
S-BT03-0034 S-BT03/0034 Deity Dragon Great Sword, Gar-Buster Item Dragon World U
S-BT03-0035 S-BT03/0035 Sorcery Deity Dragon, Goshe Monster Magic World U
S-BT03-0036 S-BT03/0036 Jumtesta Spell Magic World U
S-BT03-0037 S-BT03/0037 Abra Cadabra! Spell Magic World U
S-BT03-0038 S-BT03/0038 Softly, Niksdrib Monster Ancient World U
S-BT03-0039 S-BT03/0039 Lordbreak, Flame Gale Spell Ancient World U
S-BT03-0040 S-BT03/0040 Lordbreak, Hard Win Summon Spell Ancient World U
S-BT03-0041 S-BT03/0041 Lordstrike, Steel Dragon Lord Spell Ancient World U
S-BT03-0042 S-BT03/0042 Tesla-line Field Spell Star Dragon World U
S-BT03-0043 S-BT03/0043 Episto Ira Gnitz Monster Lost World U
S-BT03-0044 S-BT03/0044 Vile Vortex Spell Lost World U
S-BT03-0045 S-BT03/0045 † Dark Roar † Catastrophe Abyss Monster Dragon World C
S-BT03-0046 S-BT03/0046 Seele Gardra Monster Dragon World C
S-BT03-0047 S-BT03/0047 Garmonkey Monster Dragon World C
S-BT03-0048 S-BT03/0048 Lost Stone Spell Dragon World C
S-BT03-0049 S-BT03/0049 Magic Violinist, Gray Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0050 S-BT03/0050 Magic Keyboardist, Shion Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0051 S-BT03/0051 Magibird Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0052 S-BT03/0052 Magic Drummer, Byakuren Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0053 S-BT03/0053 Magic Manipulator, Night Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0054 S-BT03/0054 Magidog Monster Magic World C
S-BT03-0055 S-BT03/0055 -Flame Quartet- Spell Magic World C
S-BT03-0056 S-BT03/0056 Revolution of Red Spell Magic World C
S-BT03-0057 S-BT03/0057 Wings of Revolt Spell Magic World C
S-BT03-0058 S-BT03/0058 Deep Blaze Singularity Spell Magic World C
S-BT03-0059 S-BT03/0059 Magic Guitar, Kinari Item Magic World C
S-BT03-0060 S-BT03/0060 Slowly, Gryhunme Monster Ancient World C
S-BT03-0061 S-BT03/0061 Champion's Armor, "Goldsteel" Item Ancient World C
S-BT03-0062 S-BT03/0062 Subaru's Day Off Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT03-0063 S-BT03/0063 Astroformation, Astellasion Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT03-0064 S-BT03/0064 Suppression Advantage Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT03-0065 S-BT03/0065 Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Farnese Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World AR
S-BT03-0066 S-BT03/0066 Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito Monster Ancient World AR
S-BT03-0067 S-BT03/0067 Gargantua Blade Mage Monster Magic World Secret
S-BT03-0068 S-BT03/0068 Godmagic, Firstry Spell Magic World Secret
S-BT03-0069 S-BT03/0069 Godmagic, Nexent Spell Magic World Secret
S-BT03-0070 S-BT03/0070 Deity Dragon Broom, Gar-Broom Item Magic World Secret
S-BT03-0071 S-BT03/0071 Deity Gargantua Punisher!! (Magic World) Impact Magic World Secret
S-BT03-0072 S-BT03/0072 Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Farnese Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT03-0073 S-BT03/0073 Seerfight Dragon, Sultallion Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT03-0074 S-BT03/0074 Skyseer Bow, Kaus Alnasl Item Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT03-0075 S-BT03/0075 Notify: Convertible Tactics Spell Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT03-0076 S-BT03/0076 Victory Equation Spell Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT03-0077 S-BT03/0077 Rumbling Spiral Thunderaxe, Emperor Agito Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT03-0078 S-BT03/0078 Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT03-0079 S-BT03/0079 Swift Claws, Wings Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT03-0080 S-BT03/0080 Linkdragon Order's Forceful Fight Spell Ancient World Secret
S-BT03-0081 S-BT03/0081 Links Glove, "Bond Glove" Item Ancient World Secret
S-BT03-BR01 S-BT03/BR01 Gargantua Dragon, "Gattling Mode" Monster Dragon World BR
S-BT03-BR02 S-BT03/BR02 Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Farnese Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World BR
S-BT03-BR03 S-BT03/BR03 Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito Monster Ancient World BR
S-BT03-S001 S-BT03/S001 Gargantua Blade Mage Monster Magic World SP
S-BT03-S002 S-BT03/S002 Skyseer Ardent Dragon, Cross Farnese Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World SP
S-BT03-S003 S-BT03/S003 Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito Monster Ancient World SP
S-BT03-S004 S-BT03/S004 Emplord, Zerberos Lost Monster Ancient World SP

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monsters Flag Total
Dragon 9 5 1 0 0 0 15
Magic 14 12 2 1 0 0 29
Ancient 13 9 2 0 0 0 24
Lost 2 2 0 0 0 0 4
Star Dragon 9 6 1 0 0 0 16

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