"War of Dragods" ("Ace VS King!! Dragon Deity Super Decisive Battle!!" in the Japanese format) is the 5th S Booster Set released in the Japanese formats and English formats.


  • Contains 87 cards, (3 BR/4 SP/15 Secret/8 RRR/12 RR/15 R/14 U/16 C).
  • Includes further support for Dragon World, Legend World, Darkness Dragon World, and Dual Cards.
  • Introduces the new attribute "Evil Demonic Dragon".
  • Each booster pack contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely R or greater and every box guaranteed a SECRET pack.
  • There are 3 different variants of Secret Packs.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-BT05-0001 S-BT05/0001 Evolution Storm, Reshoot Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
S-BT05-0002 S-BT05/0002 Gar-E-Invitation Spell Dragon World RRR
S-BT05-0003 S-BT05/0003 Grand Sage, Ilanral Monster Legend World RRR
S-BT05-0004 S-BT05/0004 De Ju Mau Spell Legend World RRR
S-BT05-0005 S-BT05/0005 Retainer Shield Spell Legend World RRR
S-BT05-0006 S-BT05/0006 Jealousy Evil Demonic Dragon, Envy Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT05-0007 S-BT05/0007 Evil Demonic Dragon, Lupus Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT05-0008 S-BT05/0008 Diablos Soul Spell Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT05-0009 S-BT05/0009 Eifer Gardra Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0010 S-BT05/0010 Deity Dragon Strategist, Valheit Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0011 S-BT05/0011 Fifth Omni Cavalry Dragon, Arkaid "SD" Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0012 S-BT05/0012 Gar-E-C'mon Spell Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0013 S-BT05/0013 Fairy King, Alverich Monster Legend World RR
S-BT05-0014 S-BT05/0014 Starry Night Enchanter, Duric Monster Legend World RR
S-BT05-0015 S-BT05/0015 -The King's Guidance​- Ara Saas Spell Legend World RR
S-BT05-0016 S-BT05/0016 -The Arcane Crown​- Al Coronation Spell Legend World RR
S-BT05-0017 S-BT05/0017 Evil Demonic Dragon, Simiae Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0018 S-BT05/0018 Contract Circle of Evil Calling Spell Darkness Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0019EN S-BT05/0019 Melody of the Evil Moon Spell Darkness Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0020 S-BT05/0020 Purgatory Knights Reborn, Needle Claw Dragon Monster Dragon World/Darkness Dragon World RR
S-BT05-0021 S-BT05/0021 Melza Gardragon Monster Dragon World R
S-BT05-0022 S-BT05/0022 Dragowhite, Fifth Omni Holy Light Spell Dragon World R
S-BT05-0023 S-BT05/0023 Fortuitous Valor, Astolfo Monster Legend World R
S-BT05-0024 S-BT05/0024 Serf of Decoration, Alla Al Monster Legend World R
S-BT05-0025 S-BT05/0025 Junior Long-spear Warrior, Liim Monster Legend World R
S-BT05-0026 S-BT05/0026 Allegiant Shield Spell Legend World R
S-BT05-0027 S-BT05/0027 Lightblaze Sword of the King, Claiomh Solais Item Legend World R
S-BT05-0028 S-BT05/0028 Indolent Evil Demonic Dragon, Sloth Monster Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0029 S-BT05/0029 Evil Demonic Dragon, Gryphus Monster Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0030 S-BT05/0030 Evil Demonic Dragon, Draco Monster Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0031 S-BT05/0031 Chaotic Pain Spell Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0032 S-BT05/0032 Diablos Grave Spell Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0033 S-BT05/0033 Diablos Conversion Spell Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0034 S-BT05/0034 CHAOS Alberion Monster Danger World/Legend World R
S-BT05-0035 S-BT05/0035 Pride to the Sword, the Blade Never Dies Spell Dragon World/Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT05-0036 S-BT05/0036 Combat Deity Roar Spell Dragon World U
S-BT05-0037 S-BT05/0037 Deity Dragon Throwblade, Garlight Edge Item Dragon World U
S-BT05-0038 S-BT05/0038 Reinforcing Swordsman, Sheif Monster Legend World U
S-BT05-0039 S-BT05/0039 Devoted Scholar of Hermetics, Kiamya Monster Legend World U
S-BT05-0040 S-BT05/0040 -The Majestic Audience- Pharaonic Apadana Spell Legend World U
S-BT05-0041 S-BT05/0041 Pyramidal Peak Spell Legend World U
S-BT05-0042 S-BT05/0042 Undying Charisma Spell Legend World U
S-BT05-0043 S-BT05/0043 Bracelet of Sehel Item Legend World U
S-BT05-0044 S-BT05/0044 Evil Demonic Dragon, Capra Monster Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0045 S-BT05/0045 Evil Demonic Dragon, Cervus Monster Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0046 S-BT05/0046 Hundred Demons Sorcery, Death Sacrifice Spell Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0047 S-BT05/0047 Diablos Disposal Spell Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0048 S-BT05/0048 Diablos Shield Spell Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0049 S-BT05/0049 Waltz of Blood Moon Spell Darkness Dragon World U
S-BT05-0050 S-BT05/0050 Awakened Deity Dragon, Garrabbit Monster Dragon World C
S-BT05-0051 S-BT05/0051 Dragonic Exchange Spell Dragon World C
S-BT05-0052 S-BT05/0052 Dragobright, Fifth Omni Light Spell Dragon World C
S-BT05-0053 S-BT05/0053 Combat Deity Flaming Waveslash Spell Dragon World C
S-BT05-0054 S-BT05/0054 Devotee of the Dead, Alamgar Monster Legend World C
S-BT05-0055 S-BT05/0055 Unfettering Vassal, Ishtar Monster Legend World C
S-BT05-0056 S-BT05/0056 Skilled General, Odysseus Monster Legend World C
S-BT05-0057 S-BT05/0057 Bottle Dweller, Smasma Monster Legend World C
S-BT05-0058 S-BT05/0058 Sector Collapse Spell Legend World C
S-BT05-0059 S-BT05/0059 The Hardworking Fairies Spell Legend World C
S-BT05-0060 S-BT05/0060 Great Spell, Weiterstadt Spell Legend World C
S-BT05-0061 S-BT05/0061 Evil Demonic Dragon, Cornix Monster Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT05-0062 S-BT05/0062 Evil Demonic Dragon, Pavo Monster Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT05-0063 S-BT05/0063 Death Astray Spell Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT05-0064 S-BT05/0064 Diablos Storm Spell Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT05-0065 S-BT05/0065 Diablos Death-toll Spell Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT05-0066 S-BT05/0066 Gargantua Bladecentaur Monster - Secret
S-BT05-0067 S-BT05/0067 Awakened Deity Dragon, Caliburn Gardra Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0068 S-BT05/0068 Awakened Deity Dragon, Garmouse Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0069 S-BT05/0069 Gar-E-Stream Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0070 S-BT05/0070 Deity Dragon Beamsword, Garknight Rapier Item Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0071 S-BT05/0071 Flame Deity, Magma Horus Monster Legend World Secret
S-BT05-0072 S-BT05/0072 Ice Deity, Freeza Horus Monster Legend World Secret
S-BT05-0073 S-BT05/0073 Heavy Shield of Adjuvancy, Qalxan Monster Legend World Secret
S-BT05-0074 S-BT05/0074 Seat of Absolute, Hieratic Throne Item Legend World Secret
S-BT05-0075 S-BT05/0075 -Forbidden Light of Double Deity- Aktar Pheido Impact Legend World Secret
S-BT05-0076EN S-BT05/0076 Exterminating Evil Demonic Dragon, Belial Monster Darkness Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0077 S-BT05/0077 Evil Demonic Dragon, Vespertilio Monster Darkness Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0078 S-BT05/0078 Negative Survive Spell Darkness Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0079 S-BT05/0079 Ever Dark Shadowing, Umbrelle Item Darkness Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-0080 S-BT05/0080 Eradicate Avenge Impact Darkness Dragon World Secret
S-BT05-BR01 S-BT05/BR01 Gargantua Bladecentaur Monster - BR
S-BT05-BR02 S-BT05/BR02 Flame Deity, Magma Horus Monster Legend World BR
S-BT05-BR03 S-BT05/BR03 Ice Deity, Freeza Horus Monster Legend World BR
S-BT05-S001 S-BT05/S001 Gargantua Bladecentaur Monster - SP
S-BT05-S002 S-BT05/S002 Flame Deity, Magma Horus Monster Legend World SP
S-BT05-S003 S-BT05/S003 Ice Deity, Freeza Horus Monster Legend World SP
S-BT05-S004 S-BT05/S004 Exterminating Evil Demonic Dragon, Belial Monster Darkness Dragon World SP

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X2-BT01: Buddy Legends

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