"S Booster Set 7: Perfected Time Ruler" is the 7th S Booster Set released in the Japanese format and English format.



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Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-BT07-0001 S-BT07/0001 Grand Phantom Thief, Winds Harry Monster Magic World RRR
S-BT07-0002 S-BT07/0002 Demon Lord, Asmodai "Re:B" Monster Magic World RRR
S-BT07-0003 S-BT07/0003 Steal Time, "We say good bye!" Spell Magic World RRR
S-BT07-0004 S-BT07/0004 Kronos Syn Blockend Spell Magic World RRR
S-BT07-0005 S-BT07/0005 Great Electrodeity of Freedom, Izanami Monster Katana World RRR
S-BT07-0006 S-BT07/0006 Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova "Re:B" Monster Ancient World RRR
S-BT07-0007 S-BT07/0007 Time Scout, Lange Monster Ancient World RRR
S-BT07-0008 S-BT07/0008 Kronos Almete Spell Star Dragon World RRR
S-BT07-0009 S-BT07/0009 Elusive Phantom Thief, Phantomaria Ludman Monster Magic World RR
S-BT07-0010 S-BT07/0010 Renowned Phantom Thief, Mon Acawin Monster Magic World RR
S-BT07-0011 S-BT07/0011 Holy Magic Spell Magic World RR
S-BT07-0012 S-BT07/0012 Lunatic Circus Spell Magic World RR
S-BT07-0013EN S-BT07/0013 Nanomachine Ninja, Tsukikage "Re:B" Monster Katana World RR
S-BT07-0014 S-BT07/0014 Kagura, Blossom Dancer Spell Katana World RR
S-BT07-0015 S-BT07/0015 Duel Sieger "Tempest Enforcer Re:B" Monster Ancient World RR
S-BT07-0016 S-BT07/0016 Time General, Teylor Luna Monster Ancient World RR
S-BT07-0017 S-BT07/0017 Time General, Zeitwelg Monster Star Dragon World RR
S-BT07-0018 S-BT07/0018 Time Scout, Sohne Monster Star Dragon World RR
S-BT07-0019 S-BT07/0019 Kronos Licht Movement Spell Star Dragon World RR
S-BT07-0020 S-BT07/0020 Star Deity Dragon, Zodiac "Re:B" Monster Legend World / Star Dragon World RR
S-BT07-0021 S-BT07/0021 Phantom Thief with Many Faces, Twenty Funny Monster Magic World R
S-BT07-0022 S-BT07/0022 "Roi Flammes" Blanc Monster Magic World R
S-BT07-0023 S-BT07/0023 My Funny Venus Spell Magic World R
S-BT07-0024 S-BT07/0024 Chaser Beetle Item Magic World R
S-BT07-0025 S-BT07/0025 Electrobeast Emissary, Shino Monster Katana World R
S-BT07-0026 S-BT07/0026 Freed Flower of Yosen Spell Katana World R
S-BT07-0027 S-BT07/0027 Fusion Style, Stance of Staring -Ichi- Spell Katana World R
S-BT07-0028 S-BT07/0028 Kronos Royreuze Spell Katana World R
S-BT07-0029 S-BT07/0029 Excelskill of Iai, "Kamikaze" Impact Katana World R
S-BT07-0030 S-BT07/0030 Brilliance, Rimbo Monster Ancient World R
S-BT07-0031 S-BT07/0031 Kronos Quartzment Spell Ancient World R
S-BT07-0032 S-BT07/0032 Super Spiral Explosion! Bonds Power Overflow! Spell Ancient World R
S-BT07-0033 S-BT07/0033 Govern Star Dragon, Grays Monster Star Dragon World R
S-BT07-0034 S-BT07/0034 Tesla Adversity Spell Star Dragon World R
S-BT07-0035 S-BT07/0035 Kronos Syn Richarlle Spell Star Dragon World R
S-BT07-0036 S-BT07/0036 Shadow Painting Musician, Silhouette Hugo Monster Magic World U
S-BT07-0037 S-BT07/0037 "Roi Flammes" Noir Monster Magic World U
S-BT07-0038 S-BT07/0038 Luck-desiring Phantom Thief, Star Mouse Monster Magic World U
S-BT07-0039 S-BT07/0039 Sky Castle of Drago Phantom Thief, "Lebla Maurice" Spell Magic World U
S-BT07-0040 S-BT07/0040 Shade Party Time Spell Magic World U
S-BT07-0041 S-BT07/0041 Gate of Transmigration Spell Magic World U
S-BT07-0042 S-BT07/0042 Waltz For Harry Spell Magic World U
S-BT07-0043 S-BT07/0043 Fishing Shuffle Spell Magic World U
S-BT07-0044 S-BT07/0044 Magic Twin Neck Guitar, Kinari Item Magic World U
S-BT07-0045 S-BT07/0045 Conduction Swordsman, RIN Monster Katana World U
S-BT07-0046 S-BT07/0046 Electrobeast Emissary, Kouki Monster Katana World U
S-BT07-0047 S-BT07/0047 Kronos Retrograde Spell Katana World U
S-BT07-0048 S-BT07/0048 Time General, Lya Hilt Monster Ancient World U
S-BT07-0049 S-BT07/0049 Time Scout, Val Monster Star Dragon World U
S-BT07-0050 S-BT07/0050 Unidentified Phantom Thief, Gigo Marni Monster Magic World C
S-BT07-0051 S-BT07/0051 Gentleman Phantom Thief, Lita Lorenzo Monster Magic World C
S-BT07-0052 S-BT07/0052 Time Scout, Khan Monster Magic World C
S-BT07-0053 S-BT07/0053 Magical Eruption Spell Magic World C
S-BT07-0054 S-BT07/0054 Lullaby of Steam Sky Impact Magic World C
S-BT07-0055 S-BT07/0055 Time General, Plage Dents Monster Katana World C
S-BT07-0056 S-BT07/0056 Time Observer, Nautical Monster Katana World C
S-BT07-0057 S-BT07/0057 Deity Dragon Ninja, Fuuma Monster Katana World C
S-BT07-0058 S-BT07/0058 Time Scout, Herite Monster Katana World C
S-BT07-0059 S-BT07/0059 Time General, Krono Graph Monster Ancient World C
S-BT07-0060 S-BT07/0060 Time Scout, Tegi Monster Ancient World C
S-BT07-0061 S-BT07/0061 Kronos Vant Spell Ancient World C
S-BT07-0062 S-BT07/0062 Time General, Radra Pando Monster Star Dragon World C
S-BT07-0063 S-BT07/0063 Time General, Condroll Monster Star Dragon World C
S-BT07-0064 S-BT07/0064 Kronos Round Shield Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT07-0065 S-BT07/0065 Kronos Power Reserve Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT07-0066 S-BT07/0066 Deity of Eon, Time Ruler Dragon Monster - Secret
S-BT07-0067 S-BT07/0067 Time General, Muller Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0068 S-BT07/0068 Time Scout, Vegas Monster Katana World Secret
S-BT07-0069 S-BT07/0069 Kronos Kronograph Spell Magic World Secret
S-BT07-0070 S-BT07/0070 Kronos Valex Spell Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-0071 S-BT07/0071 Deity of Knowledge and Hope, Godcross Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0072 S-BT07/0072 Seerfight Dragon, Vart Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0073 S-BT07/0073 Seer Dragon, Pale Monster Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0074 S-BT07/0074 Cross Astro Shield Spell Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0075 S-BT07/0075 Deityseer Bow, Lumen Deus Item Star Dragon World Secret
S-BT07-0076 S-BT07/0076 Deity of Enthusiasm and Bonds, Godagito Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-0077 S-BT07/0077 Beautiful, Sasa Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-0078 S-BT07/0078 Rushing, Tricera Monster Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-0079 S-BT07/0079 Link Dragon Bonds Shield Spell Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-0080 S-BT07/0080 Link Dragon Deity Sword, "Jaw of Spiral" Item Ancient World Secret
S-BT07-BR01 S-BT07/BR01 Deity of Eon, Time Ruler Dragon Monster - BR
S-BT07-BR02 S-BT07/BR02 Grand Phantom Thief, Winds Harry Monster Magic World BR
S-BT07-S001 S-BT07/S001 Deity of Eon, Time Ruler Dragon Monster - SP
S-BT07-S002 S-BT07/S002 Great Electrodeity of Freedom, Izanami Monster Katana World SP
S-BT07-S003 S-BT07/S003 Deity of Knowledge and Hope, Godcross Astrologia Monster Star Dragon World SP
S-BT07-S004 S-BT07/S004 Deity of Enthusiasm and Bonds, Godagito Monster Ancient World SP

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Magic World 12 11 2 1 0 0 26
Katana World 9 5 0 1 0 0 15
Ancient World 11 5 1 0 0 0 17
Star Dragon World 10 7 1 0 0 0 18
Dual Cards 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
Time Dragon 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

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