"Buddy Lineage" is the 8th Alternative Booster Set released only in English format.



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Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-BT01A-CP01-0001EN (Sample) S-BT01A-CP01/0001EN † Dragonblood Eyes † Bloody-Eyes Monster Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-CP01-0002EN S-BT01A-CP01/0002EN Combat Deity of Daybreak, Gargantua Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0010EN S-BT01A-CP01/0003EN † Deep Track † Endless Ladder Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0004EN (Sample) S-BT01A-CP01/0004EN Gargantua Dragon, "Charging Mode" Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0005EN S-BT01A-CP01/0005EN Kuhler Gardragon Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0006EN S-BT01A-CP01/0006EN Dimension Dragon, Whistle Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01 0007EN S-BT01A-CP01/0007EN Grom Gardra Monster Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0008EN S-BT01A-CP01/0008EN Combat Deity's Pulsation Spell Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0009EN S-BT01A-CP01/0009EN Gar-C'mon Spell Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0010EN S-BT01A-CP01/0010EN 《Unlimited Illusions》 Infinite Phantom Spell Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-CP01-0011EN S-BT01A-CP01/0011EN † Pale Snow † Silent White Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0012EN S-BT01A-CP01/0012EN Dimension Dragon, Dauf Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0013EN S-BT01A-CP01/0013EN Squalo Gardra Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0014EN S-BT01A-CP01/0014EN † Pure Violet † Viaura Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0015EN S-BT01A-CP01/0015EN Garrabbit Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0016EN S-BT01A-CP01/0016EN Dimension Dragon, Arzeg Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0017EN S-BT01A-CP01/0017EN Heavenz Sunshine Spell Dragon World R
X-BT04A-SS03-0018EN (Sample) S-BT01A-CP01/0018EN Sky Dragon Divinity Spell Ancient World / Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0019EN S-BT01A-CP01/0019EN Gar-Blessing Spell Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0020EN S-BT01A-CP01/0020EN 《Dainty Reprisal》 Elegante Spell Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0021EN S-BT01A-CP01/0021EN D. Barrier Spell Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0022EN S-BT01A-CP01/0022EN Deity Blue Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0023EN S-BT01A-CP01/0023EN † Eon † Pleading Gloves Item Dragon World R
S-BT01A-CP01-0024EN S-BT01A-CP01/0024EN Gardragon Gigantusk the II Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0025EN S-BT01A-CP01/0025EN Energy Shot! Garcat Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0026EN S-BT01A-CP01/0026EN † Dirty Rag † Black Cloth Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0027EN S-BT01A-CP01/0027EN Flying Garbird Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0028EN S-BT01A-CP01/0028EN Dragon Knight, Thomas Edison Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0029EN S-BT01A-CP01/0029EN † Dead Current † Death Volt Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0030EN S-BT01A-CP01/0030EN Garmouse Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0031EN S-BT01A-CP01/0031EN Dragod Spell Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0032EN S-BT01A-CP01/0032EN Dragonic Shadow Shuffle Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0033EN S-BT01A-CP01/0033EN Dragod Crystal Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0034EN S-BT01A-CP01/0034EN 《Bleak Dreams》 Desire Mirage Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0035EN S-BT01A-CP01/0035EN D. Coating Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0036EN S-BT01A-CP01/0036EN Dragon Spell, Hiding Bomber Spell Magic World / Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0037EN S-BT01A-CP01/0037EN Double Loss Spell Dragon World / Katana World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0038EN S-BT01A-CP01/0038EN 《Esoteric Rites》 Serioso Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0039EN S-BT01A-CP01/0039EN Deity Dragon Sword, Garchain Item Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0040EN S-BT01A-CP01/0040EN 《Majestic Climax》 Forzando Finale Impact Dragon World C
S-BT01A-CP01-0041EN S-BT01A-CP01/0041EN Gargantua Dragon, "Acute Mode" Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0042EN S-BT01A-CP01/0042EN Gardragon Marchese the V Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0043EN S-BT01A-CP01/0043EN Prudent Gardog Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0044EN S-BT01A-CP01/0044EN Gargantua Site -Combat Deity Hall- Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0045EN S-BT01A-CP01/0045EN Deity Dragon Sword, Garrapier Item Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0046EN S-BT01A-CP01/0046EN Gargantua Dragon, "Legion Mode" Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0047EN S-BT01A-CP01/0047EN Royal Guard, Rink Gardra Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0048EN S-BT01A-CP01/0048EN Royal Guard, Lech Gardra Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0049EN S-BT01A-CP01/0049EN Dragod Var Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0050EN S-BT01A-CP01/0050EN Gargantua Busterbreak Impact Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0051EN S-BT01A-CP01/0051EN Vanity Husk Destroyer, "THE SKULL" Monster Lost World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0052EN S-BT01A-CP01/0052EN Toliarzeg Fulgaine Monster Lost World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0053EN S-BT01A-CP01/0053EN Dimension Breeding Spell Lost World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0054EN S-BT01A-CP01/0054EN Dimension Dragon, Zorune Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0055EN S-BT01A-CP01/0055EN D. Together Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0056EN S-BT01A-CP01/0056EN † Dark Dream † Shadow Serve Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0057EN S-BT01A-CP01/0057EN † Countless Blades † Eternity Edge Monster Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0058EN S-BT01A-CP01/0058EN 《Grand Entrance》 Grazioso Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0059EN S-BT01A-CP01/0059EN 《Prohibited Ceremony》 Taboos Ritual Spell Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-0060EN S-BT01A-CP01/0060EN † Band of Supreme Shine † Dazzling Ring Item Dragon World Secret
S-BT01A-CP01-BR01EN S-BT01A-CP01/BR01EN Gargantua Dragon, "Acute Mode" Monster Dragon World BR
S-BT01A-CP01-BR02EN S-BT01A-CP01/BR02EN Gargantua Dragon, "Legion Mode" Monster Dragon World BR
S-BT01A-CP01-BR03EN S-BT01A-CP01/BR03EN Vanity Husk Destroyer, "THE SKULL" Monster Lost World BR
S-BT01A-UB03-0001EN S-BT01A-UB03/0001EN Tempestuous Unmatched Warlord, Barlbatzz Monster Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0002EN S-BT01A-UB03/0002EN Omni Lord of Friendship, Burn Nova Monster Ancient World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0003EN S-BT01A-UB03/0003EN Reincarnated Great Demonic Dragon, Azi Dahaka Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0004EN S-BT01A-UB03/0004EN Light Ray Black Death Dragon, Abygale Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0005EN S-BT01A-UB03/0005EN Mauve Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Athora Tanzanite Monster Star Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0006EN S-BT01A-UB03/0006EN Transcend Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil Future Monster Dragon World / Star Dragon World / Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-BT01A-UB03-0007EN S-BT01A-UB03/0007EN Decay Ashen Death Great Sorcery, Yersinieas Monster Magic World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0008EN S-BT01A-UB03/0008EN Demon Lord Again! Asmodai Monster Magic World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0009EN S-BT01A-UB03/0009EN Shadow Lord of Conviction, Mukuro "Beast" Monster Hero World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0010EN S-BT01A-UB03/0010EN Nova Guardian, Jackknife Monster Star Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0011EN S-BT01A-UB03/0011EN Gate of Absolution - Sanctuary - Spell Star Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0012EN S-BT01A-UB03/0012EN Atonement Purgatory Knights Leader, Orcus Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World / Darkness Dragon World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0013EN S-BT01A-UB03/0013EN Cold Flow Ice Dragon, Roi Miserea Monster Dungeon World / Legend World RR
S-BT01A-UB03-0014EN S-BT01A-UB03/0014EN Jackknife, "Gold Krieger" Monster Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0015EN S-BT01A-UB03/0015EN Demonic Rock Mech General, Dra-gollum Dolmadorarei Monster Danger World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0016EN S-BT01A-UB03/0016EN Let's have fun! Spell Magic World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0017EN S-BT01A-UB03/0017EN Illusion the Shade Spell Magic World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0018EN S-BT01A-UB03/0018EN Sephirot's Lectures Spell Magic World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0019EN S-BT01A-UB03/0019EN Mountain Deity Oni Blade, Kid Ibuki Monster Katana World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0020EN S-BT01A-UB03/0020EN Soarspeed Moonglow, Tsukikage Monster Katana World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0021EN S-BT01A-UB03/0021EN Switch! Spell Dungeon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0022EN S-BT01A-UB03/0022EN Fabricated Holy Sword, Galgano Replica Item Legend World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0023EN S-BT01A-UB03/0023EN Apocalypse King of Knights, Gratos Monster Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0024EN S-BT01A-UB03/0024EN Sinister Symphony Spell Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0025EN S-BT01A-UB03/0025EN Winter Soldier Light Uniform, Blazer Frill Monster Hero World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0026EN S-BT01A-UB03/0026EN Shadow Hero, Weiss & Schwarz Monster Hero World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0027EN S-BT01A-UB03/0027EN Retainer of the Demonic Dragon, Destructor "Vargas" Monster Star Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0028EN S-BT01A-UB03/0028EN Loyalty Spell Generic R
S-BT01A-UB03-0029EN S-BT01A-UB03/0029EN Time Sale Spell Generic R
S-BT01A-UB03-0030EN S-BT01A-UB03/0030EN Awakened Stardeity Dragon, Zodiac "X" Monster Legend World / Star Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0031EN S-BT01A-UB03/0031EN Purgatory Knights Reborn Sword, Expia Sword Item Dragon World / Darkness Dragon World R
S-BT01A-UB03-0032EN S-BT01A-UB03/0032EN Limitless Dragon, Emperor Shadow Dragon Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0033EN S-BT01A-UB03/0033EN Dragon Knight, Cagliostro Monster Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0034EN S-BT01A-UB03/0034EN Thunder X Assault Spell Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0035EN S-BT01A-UB03/0035EN Tyrant Elgar Cerberus Monster Danger World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0036EN S-BT01A-UB03/0036EN Gate of Ruins - Greed - Spell Danger World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0037EN S-BT01A-UB03/0037EN Phantom Illusionist, Silhouette Joe Illusion Monster Magic World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0038EN S-BT01A-UB03/0038EN Resonating Bonds, Licht & Dunkelheit Monster Magic World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0039EN S-BT01A-UB03/0039EN Great Spell, Solution AT Spell Magic World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0040EN S-BT01A-UB03/0040EN Flash of Purple Arc, Mikazuki-Munechika Monster Katana World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0041EN S-BT01A-UB03/0041EN Soarspeed Moonglow, Byakuya Monster Katana World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0042EN S-BT01A-UB03/0042EN Demon Way, Sakurafubuki Spell Katana World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0043EN S-BT01A-UB03/0043EN Seabrave Unmatched Duel Jaeger, "Tempest" Monster Ancient World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0044EN S-BT01A-UB03/0044EN Ice Emperor's Judgment Spell Dungeon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0045EN S-BT01A-UB03/0045EN Dainty Wind, Sylph Monster Legend World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0046EN S-BT01A-UB03/0046EN Valkyrie, All-knowing Alwidol Monster Legend World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0047EN S-BT01A-UB03/0047EN Classroom in the Dead of Night Spell Legend World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0048EN S-BT01A-UB03/0048EN Bone Conductor, Rebel Gallows Monster Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0049EN S-BT01A-UB03/0049EN Bone Puppet Despair Impact Darkness Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0050EN S-BT01A-UB03/0050EN Protection Deity of Beginning, Caardian Monster Hero World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0051EN S-BT01A-UB03/0051EN Eternity Ring Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0052EN S-BT01A-UB03/0052EN Shining Rain Spell Star Dragon World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0053EN S-BT01A-UB03/0053EN Windblade Joker Monster Dungeon World / Legend World C
S-BT01A-UB03-0054EN S-BT01A-UB03/0054EN Fangslash Claws, Goraika Item - C
S-BT01A-UB03-0055EN S-BT01A-UB03/0055EN Mini Geargod, White Monster - C
S-BT01A-UB03-0056EN S-BT01A-UB03/0056EN Ghoul Deity Armor, Armorknight Cerberus Monster Danger World Secret
S-BT01A-UB03-0057EN S-BT01A-UB03/0057EN Magatsu Flames, Yamigitsune Monster Katana World Secret
S-BT01A-UB03-0058EN S-BT01A-UB03/0058EN Decorated Knight, El Quixote Monster Dungeon World Secret
S-BT01A-UB03-0059EN S-BT01A-UB03/0059EN Karma Demonic Sword of the King, Laevateinn Abyss Item Legend World Secret
S-BT01A-UB03-0060EN S-BT01A-UB03/0060EN Yamigedo "SD" Monster - Secret
S-BT01A-UB03-BR01EN S-BT01A-UB03/BR01EN Nova Guardian, Jackknife Monster Star Dragon World BR
S-BT01A-UB03-BR02EN S-BT01A-UB03/BR02EN Transcend Sun Dragon, Balle Soleil Future Monster Dragon World / Star Dragon World / Darkness Dragon World BR
S-BT01A-UB03-S001EN S-BT01A-UB03/S001EN Reincarnated Great Demonic Dragon, Azi Dahaka Monster Darkness Dragon World SP
S-BT01A-UB03-S002EN S-BT01A-UB03/S002EN Mauve Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Athora Tanzanite Monster Star Dragon World SP
S-BT01A-UB03-S003EN S-BT01A-UB03/S003EN Cold Flow Ice Dragon, Roi Miserea Monster Dungeon World / Legend World SP
S-BT01A-UB03-SS01EN S-BT01A-UB01/0003EN Tempestuous Unmatched Warlord, Barlbatzz Monster Dragon World CR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monsters Flag Total
Ancient 2 - - - - - 2
Danger 2 1 - - - - 3
Darkness Dragon 4 1 - 1 - - 6
Dragon 32 22 4 2 - - 60
Dungeon 1 2 - - - - 3
Hero 4 - - - - - 4
Katana 5 1 - - - - 6
Legend 2 2 1 - - - 5
Magic 4 4 - - - - 8
Star Dragon 3 3 - - - - 6
Parade of Hundred Demons 1 - - - - - 1
Lost 2 1 - - - - 3
Dual Cards 5 3 1 - - - 9
Other 1 - 1 - - - 2
Generic - 2 - - - - 2

List of Booster Set Alternatives
Season 3

D-BT01A: Buddy RaveD-BT02A: Four Dimensions

Season 4
X-BT01A: Crossing GenerationsX BT02A: Evolution & MutationX-BT03A: LVL Up! Heroes & Adventurers!X-BT04A: New World Chaos

Season 5
X2-BT01A: Solar Strife

Season 6
S-BT01A: Buddy LineageS-BT02A: Blazing Overclash

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