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"S Character Pack 1: Deity 100 Yen Dragon" is the 1st S Character Pack released in the Japanese format.


  • Contains 60 cards (3 BR/9 RRR/12 RR/13 R/17 U) + 9 Secret.
  • Includes further support for Dragon World and Lost World.
  • Each pack contains 3 cards, one of them definitely being R or greater, and also there may be the foil version of any R/U card.
  • Each display contains 30 packs.
  • One Secret Pack is guaranteed per box.
  • There will be 3 different variants of Secret Packs.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-CP01-0001.png S-CP01/0001 † Dragonblood Eyes † Bloody-Eyes Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0002.png S-CP01/0002 Gardragon Marchese the V Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0003.png S-CP01/0003 Dimension Dragon, Zorune Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0004.png S-CP01/0004 Combat Deity of Daybreak, Gargantua Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0005.png S-CP01/0005 Prudent Gardog Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0006.png S-CP01/0006 † Dark Dream † Shadow Serve Monster Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0007.png S-CP01/0007 Dragod Var Spell Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0008.png S-CP01/0008 D. Together Spell Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0009.png S-CP01/0009 Gargantua Busterbreak Impact Dragon World RRR
S-CP01-0010.png S-CP01/0010 † Deep Track † Endless Ladder Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0011.png S-CP01/0011 Gargantua Dragon, "Charging Mode" Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0012.png S-CP01/0012 Kuhler Gardragon Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0013.png S-CP01/0013 † Countless Blades † Eternity Edge Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0014.png S-CP01/0014 Dimension Dragon, Whistle Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0015.png S-CP01/0015 Grom Gardra Monster Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0016.png S-CP01/0016 《Grand Entrance》 Grazioso Spell Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0017.png S-CP01/0017 《Prohibited Ceremony》 Taboos Ritual Spell Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0018.png S-CP01/0018 Combat Deity's Pulsation Spell Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0019.png S-CP01/0019 Gar-C'mon Spell Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0020.png S-CP01/0020 《Unlimited Illusions》 Infinite Phantom Spell Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0021.png S-CP01/0021 † Band of Supreme Shine † Dazzling Ring Item Dragon World RR
S-CP01-0022.png S-CP01/0022 † Pale Snow † Silent White Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0023.png S-CP01/0023 Dimension Dragon, Dauf Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0024.png S-CP01/0024 Squalo Gardra Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0025.png S-CP01/0025 † Pure Violet † Viaura Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0026.png S-CP01/0026 Garrabbit Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0027.png S-CP01/0027 Dimension Dragon, Arzeg Monster Dragon World R
S-CP01-0028.png S-CP01/0028 Heavenz Sunshine Spell Dragon World R
S-CP01-0029.png S-CP01/0029 Sky Dragon Divinity Spell Dragon World / Ancient World R
S-CP01-0030.png S-CP01/0030 Gar-Blessing Spell Dragon World R
S-CP01-0031.png S-CP01/0031 《Dainty Reprisal》 Elegante Spell Dragon World R
S-CP01-0032.png S-CP01/0032 D. Barrier Spell Dragon World R
S-CP01-0033.png S-CP01/0033 Deity Blue Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World R
S-CP01-0034.png S-CP01/0034 † Eon † Pleading Gloves Item Dragon World R
S-CP01-0035.png S-CP01/0035 Gardragon Gigantusk the II Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0036.png S-CP01/0036 Energy Shot! Garcat Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0037.png S-CP01/0037 † Dirty Rag † Black Cloth Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0038.png S-CP01/0038 Flying Garbird Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0039.png S-CP01/0039 Dragon Knight, Thomas Edison Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0040.png S-CP01/0040 † Dead Current † Death Volt Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0041.png S-CP01/0041 Garmouse Monster Dragon World U
S-CP01-0042.png S-CP01/0042 Dragod Spell Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0043.png S-CP01/0043 Dragonic Shadow Shuffle Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0044.png S-CP01/0044 Dragod Crystal Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0045.png S-CP01/0045 《Bleak Dreams》 Desire Mirage Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0046.png S-CP01/0046 D. Coating Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0047.png S-CP01/0047 Dragon Spell, Hiding Bomber Spell Magic World / Dragon World U
S-CP01-0048.png S-CP01/0048 Double Loss Spell Dragon World / Katana World U
S-CP01-0049.png S-CP01/0049 《Esoteric Rites》 Serioso Spell Dragon World U
S-CP01-0050.png S-CP01/0050 Deity Dragon Sword, Garchain Item Dragon World U
S-CP01-0051.png S-CP01/0051 《Majestic Climax》 Forzando Finale Impact Dragon World U
S-CP01-0052.png S-CP01/0052 Gargantua Dragon, "Acute Mode" Monster Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0053.png S-CP01/0053 Gargantua Site -Combat Deity Hall- Spell Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0054.png S-CP01/0054 Deity Dragon Sword, Garrapier Item Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0055.png S-CP01/0055 Gargantua Dragon, "Legion Mode" Monster Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0056.png S-CP01/0056 Royal Guard, Rink Gardra Monster Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0057.png S-CP01/0057 Royal Guard, Lech Gardra Monster Dragon World Secret
S-CP01-0058.png S-CP01/0058 Vanity Husk Destroyer, "THE SKULL" Monster Lost World Secret
S-CP01-0059.png S-CP01/0059 Toliarzeg Fulgaine Monster Lost World Secret
S-CP01-0060.png S-CP01/0060 Dimension Breeding Spell Lost World Secret
S-CP01-BR01.png S-CP01/BR01 Gargantua Dragon, "Acute Mode" Monster Dragon World BR
S-CP01-BR02.png S-CP01/BR02 Gargantua Dragon, "Legion Mode" Monster Dragon World BR
S-CP01-BR03.png S-CP01/BR03 Vanity Husk Destroyer "THE SKULL" Monster Lost World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Dragon World 29 19 4 2 0 0 54
Lost World 2 1 0 0 0 0 3
Dual Card 0 3 0 0 0 0 3

List of Character Packs
Season 1

Character Pack 1: Burning Valor

Season 4
X-CP01: Extreme!! 100 Yen DragonX-CP02: Excessive!! 100 Yen Star DragonX-CP03: Alright!! 100 Yen Darkness Dragon

Season 6
S-CP01: Deity 100 Yen Dragon