"Super Clash!! Batzz VS Geargod" is the 2nd Special Pack released in the Japanese format.


  • Contains 48 cards (6 reprints) (2 BR/4 SP/8 RRGR/16 RRR/18 R).
  • Includes further support for almost all worlds, except Lost World.
  • Each display contains 10 packs.
  • Each pack contains 3 cards, and all R cards will get foil version.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-SP-0001 S-SP/0001 Thunder Emperor Warlord, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster Dragon World RRGR
S-SP-0002 S-SP/0002 Super Clash!! Batzz X Gao Spell Dragon World RRGR
S-SP-0003 S-SP/0003 Overeddy Black Sky Dragon, Abygale Monster Darkness Dragon World RRGR
S-SP-0004 S-SP/0004 Thunder Heavenly Crystal Dragon, Aldo Athora Monster Star Dragon World RRGR
S-SP-0005 S-SP/0005 Sky Piercing Autodeity Dragon, CHAOS Batzz Monster Dragon World RRGR
S-SP-0006 S-SP/0006 Autodeity Heroic Sword of the King, Laevateinn Item Legend World RRGR
S-SP-0007 S-SP/0007 CHAOS Vanguard, Geargod ver. ZERO Monster - RRGR
S-SP-0008 S-SP/0008 Super Clash!! Geargod & Wisdom Spell - RRGR
S-SP-0009 S-SP/0009 Thunder Emperor Cavalry Dragon, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0010 S-SP/0010 Thunder Emperor Sun Dragon, Bal Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0011 S-SP/0011 Operative, Sphere Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0012 S-SP/0012 Dragon Fangs Thunder Emperor Sword, Bal X Bunker Item Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0013 S-SP/0013 Warlord Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0014 S-SP/0014 Thunder Sky's Holy Knight, El Quixote Monster Dungeon World RRR
S-SP-0015 S-SP/0015 Thunder Emperor Dreadnought Battleship, Satsuki Monster Hero World RRR
S-SP-0016 S-SP/0016 Thunder Dragoner, Jackknife “Overload” Monster Star Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0017 S-SP/0017 Operative Mech, CHAOS Sphere Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0018 S-SP/0018 Mercenary's Dignity, Dra-gollum Monster Danger World RRR
S-SP-0019 S-SP/0019 Delightful Enjoyment, CHAOS Yersinieas Monster Magic World RRR
S-SP-0020 S-SP/0020 Oeyama's Monstrous Oni, Kid Ibuki Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP-0021 S-SP/0021 CHAOS Sylph Monster Legend World RRR
S-SP-0022 S-SP/0022 Population Reduction Spell Legend World RRR
S-SP-0023 S-SP/0023 CHAOS Darryl Berck Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-SP-0024 S-SP/0024 Mini Geargod Skeleton Monster - RRR
S-SP-0025 S-SP/0025 Beyond Aspiration, Chibi Panda Monster Dragon World R
S-SP-0026 S-SP/0026 Misfiring Demon, Globes Monster Dragon World R
S-SP-0027 S-SP/0027 Overturn Ghoul Deity, Gojinmaru Monster Katana World R
S-SP-0028 S-SP/0028 Searing Overturn Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite Neo" Monster Ancient World R
S-SP-0029 S-SP/0029 Thunder Knights Blade, Ktinos Edge Item Dungeon World R
S-SP-0030 S-SP/0030 Tempest Shield, Draco Guard Item Dungeon World R
S-SP-0031 S-SP/0031 Black Regalo Spell Darkness Dragon World R
S-SP-0032 S-SP/0032 Jackarms, J. Avalanche Monster Star Dragon World R
S-SP-0033 S-SP/0033 Menthreit Shine Spell Star Dragon World R
S-SP-0034 S-SP/0034 CHAOS Iyonorasetsuryu Monster Dragon World R
S-SP-0035 S-SP/0035 Rhi-Gollum Monster Danger World R
S-SP-0036 S-SP/0036 Ration Command Spell Danger World R
S-SP-0037 S-SP/0037 Death Plague Caster, Nella Monster Magic World R
S-SP-0038 S-SP/0038 Infection Hazard Spell Magic World R
S-SP-0039 S-SP/0039 Underhanded Means, Shedding Cycle Spell Katana World R
S-SP-0040 S-SP/0040 Dark Arms, Fiery Bloom - Violet Blades -‎ Item Katana World R
S-SP-0041 S-SP/0041 CHAOS Van Glacier Monster Dungeon World R
S-SP-0042 S-SP/0042 Chaos Wall, Absolute Barrier Spell - R
S-SP-BR01 S-SP/BR01 Thunder Emperor Warlord, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster Dragon World BR
S-SP-BR02 S-SP/BR02 CHAOS Vanguard, Geargod ver. ZERO Monster - BR
S-SP-S001 S-SP/S001 Thunder Emperor Warlord, Barlbatzz Dragoroyale Monster Dragon World SP
S-SP-S002 S-SP/S002 Warlord Sword Released Spell Dragon World SP
S-SP-S003 S-SP/S003 CHAOS Vanguard, Geargod ver. ZERO Monster - SP
S-SP-S004 S-SP/S004 Chaos Gear Spell - SP

List of Special Pack
X2-SP: Final ChiefS-SP: Super Clash!! Batzz VS GeargodS-SP2: Glory ValiantS-SP3: Revival Buddies
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