"Revival Buddies" is the 3rd Special Pack released in the Japanese format. It is also the final pack to be released for Future Card Buddyfight.


  • Contains 86 cards (10 SP/10 SR/16 RRGR/50 RRR).
  • Includes further support for all worlds.
  • Each display contains 10 packs.
  • Each pack contains 4 cards.


Set Gallery

Card List

Confirmed cards

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-SP03-0001 (Sample) S-SP03/0001 Drum Bunker Dragon "Re:B" Monster Dragon World RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0002 RRGR
S-SP03-0003 (Sample) S-SP03/0003 Bal Dragon, "Bal Burst Smasher!! Re:B" Impact Monster Dragon World RRGR
S-SP03-0004 (Sample) S-SP03/0004 Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz "Re:B" Monster Dragon World RRGR
S-SP03-0005 (Sample) S-SP03/0005 Armorknight Cerberus "Re:B" Monster Danger World RRGR
S-SP03-0006 (Sample) S-SP03/0006 "Demonic Rock Mech Trooper" Dra-gollum "Re:B" Monster Danger World RRGR
S-SP03-0007 (Sample) S-SP03/0007 "Ashen Death Sorcery" Yersinieas "Re:B" Monster Magic World RRGR
S-SP03-0008 (Sample) S-SP03/0008 Oni Boss, Kid Ibuki "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRGR
S-SP03-0009 (Sample) S-SP03/0009 Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea "Re:B" Monster Dungeon World RRGR
S-SP03-0010 (Sample) S-SP03/0010 "Demonic Descent Sword of the King" Laevateinn "Re:B" Item Legend World RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0011 RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0012 RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0013 RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0014 RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0015 RRGR
Sleeve S-SP03/0016 RRGR
S-SP03-0017 (Sample) S-SP03/0017 Dragon Knight, El Quixote "Re:B" Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0018 (Sample) S-SP03/0018 Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu "Re:B" Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0019 (Sample) S-SP03/0019 Shadow Dragon "Re:B" Monster Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0020 (Sample) S-SP03/0020 Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez "Re:B" Monster Danger World RRR
S-SP03-0021 (Sample) S-SP03/0021 Sound Speed Jailer, Helle Gepard "Re:B" Monster Danger World RRR
S-SP03-0022 (Sample) S-SP03/0022 Center of the World, Mary Sue "Re:B" Monster Magic World RRR
S-SP03-0023 (Sample) S-SP03/0023 Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai "Re:B" Monster Magic World RRR
S-SP03-0024 (Sample) S-SP03/0024 Illusionist of Shadowform, Silhouette Joe "Re:B" Monster Magic World RRR
S-SP03-0025 S-SP03/0025 Evil in Heart, Yamigitsune "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP03-0026 (Sample) S-SP03/0026 First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP03-0027 (Sample) S-SP03/0027 Nanomachine Ninja, Byakuya "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP03-0028 (Sample) S-SP03/0028 Blade Beast of Blinder, Mikazuki Munechika "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP03-0029 (Sample) S-SP03/0029 Giant Tanuki "Re:B" Monster Katana World RRR
S-SP03-0030 (Sample) S-SP03/0030 Dragon Kid, Ricky "Re:B" Monster Ancient World RRR
S-SP03-0031 (Sample) S-SP03/0031 Stout Wrist Unmatched Chief, Duel Jaeger "Revolted Re:B" Monster Ancient World RRR
S-SP03-0032 (Sample) S-SP03/0032 Bladewing Phoenix "Re:B" Monster Dungeon World RRR
S-SP03-0033 (Sample) S-SP03/0033 Remote Trickster, Lone Remote "Re:B" Monster Dungeon World RRR
S-SP03-0034 S-SP03/0034 Wind Fairy, Sylph "Re:B" Monster Legend World RRR
S-SP03-0035 (Sample) S-SP03/0035 Ice Blade, Joker "Re:B" Monster Legend World RRR
S-SP03-0036 (Sample) S-SP03/0036 Immortal Sword, Durandal "Re:B" Item Legend World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0037 RRR
S-SP03-0038 (Sample) S-SP03/0038 Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn "Re:B" Monster Legend World RRR
S-SP03-0039 (Sample) S-SP03/0039 Black Dragon of Demise, Death Tallica "Re:B" Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0040 (Sample) S-SP03/0040 Death Dragon, Deathgaze Dragon "Re:B" Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0041 RRR
S-SP03-0042 (Sample) S-SP03/0042 First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos "Re:B" Monster Darkness Dragon World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0043 RRR
S-SP03-0044 (Sample) S-SP03/0044 Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Mukuro "Re:B" Monster Hero World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0045 RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0046 RRR
S-SP03-0047 (Sample) S-SP03/0047 Gemclone, "Origin Breaker! Re:B" Impact Monster Hero World RRR
S-SP03-0048 (Sample) S-SP03/0048 Koyomi-class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki "Re:B" Monster Hero World RRR
S-SP03-0049 (Sample) S-SP03/0049 Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord "Re:B" Monster Star Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0050 (Sample) S-SP03/0050 Eternal Envoy, Aettir "Re:B" Monster Star Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0051 S-SP03/0051 Future Card Buddyfight (card) Spell Dragon World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0052 RRR
S-SP03-0053 (Sample) S-SP03/0053 Buddy The Party Spell Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0054 (Sample) S-SP03/0054 Evolution Future Spell Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0055 (Sample) S-SP03/0055 Complete Next Spell Magic World RRR
S-SP03-0056 (Sample) S-SP03/0056 Dragon Lantern Spell Ancient World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0057 RRR
S-SP03-0058 (Sample) S-SP03/0058 Disaster Palace Spell Darkness Dragon World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0059 RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0060 RRR
S-SP03-0061 (Sample) S-SP03/0061 Blissful Sun Spell Dragon World / Hero World RRR
S-SP03-0062 (Sample) S-SP03/0062 Hope to Live Spell Legend World / Dungeon World RRR
S-SP03-0063 (Sample) S-SP03/0063 Legendary Kickoff Spell Legend World / Star Dragon World RRR
S-SP03-0064 S-SP03/0064 Bipolar Hearts Spell Darkness Dragon World / Dragon World RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0065 RRR
Sleeve S-SP03/0066 RRR
S-SP03-S001 S-SP03/0001 Drum Bunker Dragon "Re:B" Monster Dragon World SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S002 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S003 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S004 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S005 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S006 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S007 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S008 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S009 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/S010 SP
Sleeve S-SP03/SR01 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR02 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR03 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR04 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR05 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR06 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR07 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR08 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR09 SR
Sleeve S-SP03/SR10 SR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Dragon World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Danger World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Magic World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Katana World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Ancient World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dungeon World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Legend World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Darkness Dragon World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hero World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Star Dragon World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Lost World 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Generic 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hundred Demons 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Chaos 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dragod 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dual Cards 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

List of Special Pack
X2-SP: Final ChiefS-SP: Super Clash!! Batzz VS GeargodS-SP2: Glory ValiantS-SP3: Revival Buddies
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