"S Special Series 1: Lost Dimension" is the 1st S Special Series released in the Japanese and English format.



Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
S-SS01-0018.png S-SS01/0018 Whistle Fedwal Ugaine Monster Lost World 4 4 C
S-SS01-0019.png S-SS01/0019 Hannel Kant Dauf Monster Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0020.png S-SS01/0020 Demonic Dragon Release, Vanity Husk Destroyer Monster Lost World 5 1 RRR/4 C
S-SS01-0021.png S-SS01/0021 Zorune Zorken Monster Lost World 3 3 C
S-SS01-0022.png S-SS01/0022 Arlpow Peyduwallr Monster Lost World 1 1 C
S-SS01-0023.png S-SS01/0023 Deugaine Zascyth Monster Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0024.png S-SS01/0024 Dimension Lifestream Spell Lost World 1 1 C or 1 RRR
S-SS01-0025.png S-SS01/0025 Dimension Revive Spell Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0026.png S-SS01/0026 Dimension Mirror Spell Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0027.png S-SS01/0027 Dimension Jamming Spell Lost World 1 1 C or 1 RRR
S-SS01-0028.png S-SS01/0028 Dimension Revenge Spell Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0029.png S-SS01/0029 Dimension Shadowgate Spell Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0030.png S-SS01/0030 Vile Demonic Cannon, Lostless Maser Item Lost World 2 2 C
S-SS01-0031.png S-SS01/0031 Carnage Destroy Blaster!! Impact Lost World 2 2 C

List of Special Series
Season 1

SS01: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Double Deck

Season 2<br\> H-SS01: Super Strong!! Buddy Rare Triple Deck

Season 3<br\> D-SS01: Neo Dragonic Force & Wings of DemiseD-SS02: Dual Start Deck, Star Form Guidepost & Cosmo EliminationD-SS03: Golden Buddy Champion Box

Season 4<br\> X-SS01: X Special Series 1: Super Dragon Fifth Omni Formation VS Hundred Thunder DemonsX-SS02: X Special Series 2: Radiant Evolution VS Purgatory Knights ConvictionX-SS03: X Special Series 3: 5 WORLD BUILD MASTERSX-SS04: X Duel Chest

Season 5<br\> X2-SS01: Bullets of the Sun VS World Of Demise

Season 6<br\> S-SS01: Lost DimensionS-SS02: 3 Garga Decks! Impact! Triple PunisherS-SS03: The End ZeroS Special Series 1 Alternative: Buddy Ragnarok (EN)

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