"S Ultimate Booster 2: Miracle Fighters ~Miko & Mel~" is the 2nd S Ultimate Booster released in the Japanese and English format.


  • Contains 68 cards (2 BR/2 Premium Rare/4 SP/6 RRR/12 RR/18 R/24 U).
  • Includes further support for Katana World and Dungeon World.
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack), and also there may be the foil version of any R/U card.
  • Premium Rare cards are signed by the voice actors.


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Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-UB02-0001 S-UB02/0001 Unruly Electrodeity, Susanoo Monster Katana World RRR
S-UB02-0002 S-UB02/0002 Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu Monster Katana World RRR
S-UB02-0003 S-UB02/0003 Guardian Electrobeast, Goryou Monster Katana World RRR
S-UB02-0004 S-UB02/0004 Red Riding Hood, Emma Monster Dungeon World RRR
S-UB02-0005 S-UB02/0005 Hexen Ceremony Spell Dungeon World RRR
S-UB02-0006 S-UB02/0006 Miracle Fighters Spell Dungeon World / Katana World RRR
S-UB02-0007 S-UB02/0007 Electrodeity of Water, Mizuhanome Monster Katana World RR
S-UB02-0008 S-UB02/0008 Electrobeast Emissary, Shuto Monster Katana World RR
S-UB02-0009 S-UB02/0009 Ritual, Harvest Prayer Spell Katana World RR
S-UB02-0010 S-UB02/0010 Electrodeity Festival Spell Katana World RR
S-UB02-0011 S-UB02/0011 Celestial Arts, Returning Water Spell Katana World RR
S-UB02-0012 S-UB02/0012 Kagura-bell of Worship Item Katana World RR
S-UB02-0013 S-UB02/0013 Illusions Dragon, Red-cape Dragon Monster Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0014 S-UB02/0014 Illusions Dragon, Thorns Dragon Monster Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0015 S-UB02/0015 Blood Lance Doyenne, Lady Wallachia Monster Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0016 S-UB02/0016 White Snow Princess, Christa Monster Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0017 S-UB02/0017 Grimm Asche Spell Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0018 S-UB02/0018 Illusions Folktale, Echt Biblio Item Dungeon World RR
S-UB02-0019 S-UB02/0019 Electrodeity of Wind, Amatsuhikone Monster Katana World R
S-UB02-0020 S-UB02/0020 Guardian Electrobeast, Mizuchi Monster Katana World R
S-UB02-0021 S-UB02/0021 Guardian Electrobeast, Komaji Monster Katana World R
S-UB02-0022 S-UB02/0022 Electrobeast Emissary, Otora Monster Katana World R
S-UB02-0023 S-UB02/0023 Electrodeity Return Spell Katana World R
S-UB02-0024 S-UB02/0024 Kagura, Electrodeity Welcome Spell Katana World R
S-UB02-0025 S-UB02/0025 Ceremonial, Fire Mirror Spell Katana World R
S-UB02-0026 S-UB02/0026 Comeback Electrodeity, Bright Future Impact Katana World R
S-UB02-0027 S-UB02/0027 Illusions Dragon, Snow White Dragon Monster Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0028 S-UB02/0028 Demon Lord, Nil Genia Monster Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0029 S-UB02/0029 Hunter, Jordan Monster Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0030 S-UB02/0030 Sleeping Princess, Stef Monster Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0031 S-UB02/0031 Illusions Tea Time Spell Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0032 S-UB02/0032 Deadly Serious Teuffel Spell Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0033 S-UB02/0033 Red Cape Brulee! Spell Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0034 S-UB02/0034 Throw Throw Swallow Spell Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0035 S-UB02/0035 Delusions Running Amok!? Spell Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0036 S-UB02/0036 Marchen Decoration! Impact Dungeon World R
S-UB02-0037 S-UB02/0037 Guardian Electrobeast, Inamaro Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0038 S-UB02/0038 Clean-up Ninja, Kunoichi Saori Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0039 S-UB02/0039 Guardian Electrobeast, Kiun Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0040 S-UB02/0040 Guardian Electrobeast, Komaichi Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0041 S-UB02/0041 Shutting Out the World, Yoroinezumi Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0042 S-UB02/0042 Guardian Electrobeast, Hakuro Monster Katana World U
S-UB02-0043 S-UB02/0043 Wind Arc Deity, Uzu-ikazuchi Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0044 S-UB02/0044 Ceremonial, Worded Breath Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0045 S-UB02/0045 Ceremonial, Water Mirror Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0046 S-UB02/0046 Ceremonial, Winged Arrows Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0047 S-UB02/0047 Ceremonial, Execution of Divine Punishment Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0048 S-UB02/0048 Underhanded Means, Live Another Day Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0049 S-UB02/0049 Electrodeity City Center, Takamagahara Spell Katana World U
S-UB02-0050 S-UB02/0050 Ideal Prinz Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0051 S-UB02/0051 Man-eating Wolf, Wolff Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0052 S-UB02/0052 Schwarz Hexen Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0053 S-UB02/0053 The Twelfth Witch Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0054 S-UB02/0054 Sister Guiltina Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0055 S-UB02/0055 Seven Dwarves Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0056 S-UB02/0056 Magic Mirror Monster Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0057 S-UB02/0057 Tempting Tanzer Spell Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0058 S-UB02/0058 Insanity Chevre Spell Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0059 S-UB02/0059 Drain Trap Spell Dungeon World U
S-UB02-0060 S-UB02/0060 Wonder Princess! Spell Dungeon World U
S-UB02-BR01 S-UB02/BR01 Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu Monster Katana World BR
S-UB02-BR02 S-UB02/BR02 Red Riding Hood, Ema Monster Dungeon World BR
S-UB02-S001 S-UB02/S001 Kagura-bell of Worship Item Katana World SP
S-UB02-S002 S-UB02/S002 Illusions Folktale, Echt Biblio Item Dungeon World SP
S-UB02-S003 S-UB02/S003 Katana World (card) Flag Katana World SP
S-UB02-0004 S-UB02/S004 Dungeon World (card) Flag Dungeon World SP
S-UB02-SS01 S-UB02/SS001 Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu Monster Katana World Premium Rare
S-UB02-SS02 S-UB02/SS002 Red Riding Hood, Ema Monster Dungeon World Premium Rare

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Katana World 15 13 1 1 1 0 31
Dungeon World 16 11 1 1 1 0 30
Dual Cards 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

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