"Medabots" is the 7th S Ultimate Booster Cross released in the Japanese and English format.


  • Contains 80 cards (6 SP/12 SR/6 RRR/12 RR/18 R/26 U).
  • Includes a card from Medabots series.
  • Following cards/character will get a new illustration drawn by tyuga:
    • Metabee
    • Rokusho
    • God Emperor
    • Arcbeetle
    • Hardness Ten
    • Medaforce
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack), and also there may be the foil version of any R/U card.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
S-UB-C07-0001.png S-UB-C07/0001 Metabee Character Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0002.png S-UB-C07/0002 Rokusho Character Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0003.png S-UB-C07/0003 Mega-Emperor Character Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0004.png S-UB-C07/0004 Arcbeetle Character Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0005.png S-UB-C07/0005 Hardness Ten Character Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0006.png S-UB-C07/0006 Ikki's Burning Soul Event Medabots RRR
S-UB-C07-0007.png S-UB-C07/0007 Saikachi Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0008.png S-UB-C07/0008 Roks Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0009.png S-UB-C07/0009 Gun-King Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0010.png S-UB-C07/0010 First Ace Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0011.png S-UB-C07/0011 Particle Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0012.png S-UB-C07/0012 Arcbeetle D Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0013.png S-UB-C07/0013 Dia-Stage Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0014.png S-UB-C07/0014 Parms Character Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0015.png S-UB-C07/0015 Erika's Data Collecting Event Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0016.png S-UB-C07/0016 Henry's Support Event Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0017.png S-UB-C07/0017 Splendid Trick of Phantom Renegade Event Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0018.png S-UB-C07/0018 Medawatch Item Medabots RR
S-UB-C07-0019.png S-UB-C07/0019 Blackmail Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0020.png S-UB-C07/0020 Robo-Emperor Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0021.png S-UB-C07/0021 Sumilidon Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0022.png S-UB-C07/0022 Warbandit Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0023.png S-UB-C07/0023 Babbyblu Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0024.png S-UB-C07/0024 Blackbeetle Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0025.png S-UB-C07/0025 Black-Stag Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0026.png S-UB-C07/0026 Gun-King (Medachange) Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0027.png S-UB-C07/0027 First Ace (Medachange) Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0028.png S-UB-C07/0028 Gryphon Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0029.png S-UB-C07/0029 Granbeetle Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0030.png S-UB-C07/0030 Sonic Stag Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0031.png S-UB-C07/0031 Chrotojil Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0032.png S-UB-C07/0032 Shinzan Character Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0033.png S-UB-C07/0033 Medal (Kabuto) Event Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0034.png S-UB-C07/0034 Medal (Kuwagata) Event Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0035.png S-UB-C07/0035 Assemble! Rubberobo Gang! Event Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0036.png S-UB-C07/0036 Referee appears! Mr. Referee Event Medabots R
S-UB-C07-0037.png S-UB-C07/0037 Yellowturtle Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0038.png S-UB-C07/0038 Magentacat Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0039.png S-UB-C07/0039 Cyandog Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0040.png S-UB-C07/0040 Sailor-Multi Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0041.png S-UB-C07/0041 Saikachi (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0042.png S-UB-C07/0042 Roks (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0043.png S-UB-C07/0043 Blackbeetle (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0044.png S-UB-C07/0044 Black-Stag (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0045.png S-UB-C07/0045 Jackal Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0046.png S-UB-C07/0046 Mayqueen Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0047.png S-UB-C07/0047 Particle (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0048.png S-UB-C07/0048 Gryphon (Medachange) Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0049.png S-UB-C07/0049 Horned Froggy Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0050.png S-UB-C07/0050 Hit Seller Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0051.png S-UB-C07/0051 Juke Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0052.png S-UB-C07/0052 Monjiro Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0053.png S-UB-C07/0053 Tinpet Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0054.png S-UB-C07/0054 Titanbeetle Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0055.png S-UB-C07/0055 Tyrelbeetle Character Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0056.png S-UB-C07/0056 Samantha's Challenge Event Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0057.png S-UB-C07/0057 Karin's Kindness Event Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0058.png S-UB-C07/0058 Koji's Rival Spirit Event Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0059.png S-UB-C07/0059 Koishimaru's Enthusiasm Event Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0060.png S-UB-C07/0060 Dr. Medabot's Teachings Event Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0061.png S-UB-C07/0061 Activate! Medaforce! Special Medabots U
S-UB-C07-0062.png S-UB-C07/0062 Medabots (flag) Flag Medabots U
S-UB-C07-S001.png S-UB-C07/S001 Metabee Character Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-S002.png S-UB-C07/S002 Rokusho Character Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-S003.png S-UB-C07/S003 Mega-Emperor Character Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-S004.png S-UB-C07/S004 Arcbeetle Character Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-S005.png S-UB-C07/S005 Hardness Ten Character Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-S006.png S-UB-C07/S006 Medabots (flag) Flag Medabots SP
S-UB-C07-SR01.png S-UB-C07/SR01 Robo-Emperor Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR02.png S-UB-C07/SR02 Sumilidon Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR03.png S-UB-C07/SR03 Warbandit Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR04.png S-UB-C07/SR04 Saikachi Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR05.png S-UB-C07/SR05 Roks Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR06.png S-UB-C07/SR06 Blackbeetle Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR07.png S-UB-C07/SR07 Black-Stag Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR08.png S-UB-C07/SR08 Gun-King Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR09.png S-UB-C07/SR09 Granbeetle Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR10.png S-UB-C07/SR10 Sonic Stag Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR11.png S-UB-C07/SR11 Chrotojil Character Medabots SR
S-UB-C07-SR12.png S-UB-C07/SR12 Shinzan Character Medabots SR

Series Breakdown

Series Characters Events Item Specials Special Characters Flag Total
Medabots 46 13 1 1 - 1 62

List of Collaboration Titles
Detective Conan
S-TD-C01: Detective Conan -Side:White-S-TD-C02: Detective Conan -Side:Black-S-UB-C01: Detective Conan
BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO
S-UB-C02: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO
GeGeGe no Kitaro
S Ultimate Booster Cross 4: GeGeGe no Kitaro
S Ultimate Booster Cross 5: SSSS.Gridman
Sword Art Online
S Ultimate Booster Cross 6: Sword Art Online
S Ultimate Booster Cross 7: Medabots
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