Original Revival Buddy
Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord
ろっかくらんおう ヴァリアブルコード
English Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord
Kanji 六角嵐王 ヴァリアブルコード
Kana ろっかくらんおう ヴァリアブルコード
Romaji Rokkaku Ranō Variaburu Kōdo
Translated Sixth Angle Storm King, Variable Cord
Type Monster
Size 2
Power 7000
Critical 3
Defense 2000
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Neodragon
Illust DaisukeIzuka
Flavor Text
(RRR): Only the Omni Lords know how to seal the resurrected Evil Deity.
(SP): I have seen it. The resolve you hold.
Ability / Effect
[Omni Lord] (You may use this card with all flags. You may have up to one "Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord" in your deck if you use it with non-<Star Dragon World> flags.)
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge & You may put as many cards as you like from your hand into this card's soul]
[Penetrate] [Soulguard]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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