Sphere Cemetery, Star Remnant
超星骸 スターレムナント
H-BT04-0042 (Sample)
English Sphere Cemetery, Star Remnant
Kanji 超星骸 スターレムナント
Kana スフィア・セメタリー スターレムナント
Romaji Sufia Semetarī Sutāremunanto
Type Monster
Size 0
Power 3000
Critical 1
Defense 3000
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Neodragon
Illust マツモトミツアキ
Flavor Text
That body does not have a fixed form. That is why he is called a Cemetary.
Ability / Effect
This card can only be called to the left.
If you would call a 《Neodragon》, the amount of gauge needed to pay for its [Call Cost] is reduced by 1 gauge.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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