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This article is about the character. For the card, see Star Deity Dragon, Zodiac.
Star Deity Dragon, Zodiac is a character in Future Card Buddyfight Triple D and the buddy monster of Doctor Gara who created him.


Being a monster for 2 worlds, Zodiac's appearance is that of a 4-legged dragon with a mixed design of futuristic Star Dragon World and Medieval Legend World warrior-like frame, and like Jackknife Dragon, it has a blade on its head, but it is red and black in color. It has no face, or facial design.


As an artificial monster created by Doctor Gara, it possesses little to no personality aside from an unwavering loyalty for its creator.

Anime Biography

Zodiac is a genetically engineered buddy monster made by the diabolical Doctor Gara. Its power is stronger than Kyoya Gaen's machines due to the power of "Gravity Rest". It is also the focus of Gara's ambitions to create the strongest Dual monster usable in all known Worlds. To that end, he focuses his efforts on extracting the data of powerful monsters including but not limited to dissecting his subjects.


Gravity Rest: As shown in the intro and in the series, Zodiac can utilize red lightning to disable Kyoya's machines. In episode 18, it is shown that Gravity Rest is so powerful that it would have crushed Jack to death if Bal and Gao had not appeared.

Vertical Ray: In the anime this is Zodiac's primary attack. As a Legend World Monster, Zodiac launches his twin blades on his wings and during a Penetrate attack, uses his red blade on his head to slash at the fighter. As a Star Dragon World Monster, Zodiac releases a volley of blue energy shards.