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"Subaru Hoshiyomi" is the one of the protagonists in Future Card Buddyfight Ace. His buddy is Skyseer Dragon, Cross Astrologia.

He is voiced by Daiki Kobayashi (Japanese) and by Oscar Derkx (English).


In his first few appearances, Subaru is a hard-to-approach kind of person. Some saying that he has some kind of "invisible wall" around him when you try to approach him. He is known as the Ace of Studies and it shows, as he was not only able to win a quiz game show, but was also able to do so without the announcer finishing to ask the full questions.

Subaru has a strange vibe of seriousness in him, since he only takes on opponents he believes that will give him a challenge, and when the fight begins, he puts his entire thought process into winning the fight. It is later revealed that Subaru actually watches RanGa Channel and shows his light-hearted side, seeing as he would laugh at some of the corny jokes.

He is also shown to state facts without concern for that person's feelings when he told Yuga that Ranma might not want to continue with RanGa Channel anymore. 


Subaru Hoshiyomi Full Body.png

Subaru has platinum blonde hair; with four different spikes going in different directions, while the rest of his hair flows downward. He has a bright yellow star-shaped birthmark in the center of his forehead, and bright blue eyes. He is always seen with a serious look on his face. He wears a gold-trimmed grey long coat, with white and cyan accents. On his cuffs is a constellation. His shoes are formal with a white and gold coloration.

Anime Biography

Season 6

Subaru is often seen in the school library, and is mostly seen reading books. Though at times, he stops and watches the livestream of RanGa Channel. Then at night, when the sky is clear, he takes out his telescope, which he won through a quiz show, and gazes at the stars in the night-sky.

In A Episode 3, Yuga approached him in the school library. Despite Subaru's "invisible wall" stare, Yuga managed to slide his way out of it, and was not only able to do a normal conversation with him, but also managed to successfully make him accept his challenge in a Buddyfight. During the Buddyfight, Subaru remained calm and collected, keeping his level-headedness while also giving Yuga some pointers in Buddyfight that he should know. At the end of the Buddyfight, in which he won using his impact, Tri-Star Decision, Yuga states that despite his loss, it was still a fun match. Subaru almost admitted that he also had fun, but ended his sentence with another pointer for Yuga to learn so he can fight him again as an equal.


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Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 6)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Mikado A3 Win
Mel Yumegatari A7 Win
Yuga Mikado A10 Lose
Seiji Kido A17 Lose
Ranma Kakogawa A19 Lose
Seiji Kido A26 Win
Masato Rikuo A30 Lose
Seiji Kido A38 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A40 Lose