X-CBT-B-0035EN (Sample)
English: Sword of the King and Sham, Lobera & Lobera Replica
Kanji: 王剣と贋作 ロベーラ&ロベーラ・レプリカ
Kana: おうけんとがんさく ロベーラ&ロベーラ・レプリカ
Phonetic: Ōken to Gansaku Robēra ando Robēra Repurika
Type: Item
Power: 3000
Critical: 2
World: Legend World
Attribute: Hero / Weapon
Illust: 天乃海斗
Flavor Text:
The one that doesn't break is the real one.
Ability / Effect:
[Equip Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
When this card link attacks with another 《Hero》, for this turn, this card gets [Double Attack].
[Equipment Change]
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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