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This article is about the character. For the card, see Thunderaxe, Agito .

"Thunderaxe, Agito", (Live, Agito in Japanese) or simply "Agito", is a character in the Future Card Buddyfight Ace anime and manga, and is the buddy monster of Masato Rikuo.

He is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami (Japanese) and Hans Wackershauser (English).


As the leader of the Linkdragon Order, he displays leadership as he leads his members with equality and cooperation. He is friendly and open in meeting new members like Wings. He is very loyal to Masato and his friends, seeing he evolved more stronger because of them.


In SD form, Agito is a bipedal red dragon that has dark maroon and pink pupils with yellow sclera. He has two upper horns that are bigger than the bottom. He also has a sharp grey horn with yellow highlights on his forehead.

His body consist grey and much darker color with his hands and feet covered with red scale, without any apparent claws. On his chest, there is a w-shaped scar or mark that is yellow. He has a long and bug tail adorned with yellow tiny spike. The upper part of his tail is much more darker than the bottom. He also has a big yellow axe-like end. He also has a necklace of chains.

On his full form, he is shown to be a quadruple red dragon with more horns protruding on his head. His middle horn is now longer and is still highlighted yellow. His claws are yellow and most of his body has spikes and his axe-like end is now highlighted with dark maroon and red color.

As King Agito, he is a now huge quadruple dragon. In this form, he gained inverted wings, mostly highlighted with neon green spikes. His claws got bigger and sharper. His tail is now bigger as his axe end is now highlighted with neon green color. His body is now covered with chains.

As Rumbling Thunderaxe, Agito, his body is now covered with dark cobalt blue spikes on his feet and has a large belt fastened around his waist. His chest is now covered with neon green marks as the chains is more gathered on his neck.

As Rumbling Thunderaxe, Emperor Agito, he is still huge with inverted wings, his wings are now highlighted with dark cobalt blue spikes as his green claws are now sharper and bigger. His knees are covered with dark blue spikes as the lower part of his legs are embedded with three small spikes.



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