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"Dragonic Force" is the 3rd Trial Deck released in both Japanese and English format, following Trial Deck 2: Savage Steel.




Future Card Buddyfight TD03

English commercial



Japanese commercial

Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
TD03-0001.png TD03/0001 Jackknife "Thunder Storm" Monster Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0002.png TD03/0002 Jackknife "Dispersal" Monster Dragon World 2 1 C/1 RR
TD03-0003.png TD03/0003 Gust Charging Dragon Monster Dragon World 4 C
TD03-0004.png TD03/0004 Jackknife Dragon Monster Dragon World 4 3 C/1 RR
TD03-0005.png TD03/0005 Hammer Mace Dragon Monster Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0006.png TD03/0006 Zantetsunodachi Dragon Monster Dragon World 4 C
TD03-0007.png TD03/0007 Grave Horn Dragon Monster Dragon World 4 C
TD03-0008.png TD03/0008 Slashknife Dragon Monster Dragon World 3 C
TD03-0009.png TD03/0009 Latale Shield Dragon Monster Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0010.png TD03/0010 Bronze Shield Dragon Monster Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0011.png TD03/0011 Jackknife Braveheart Spell Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0012.png TD03/0012 Dragon Flame Spell Dragon World 3 C
TD03-0013.png TD03/0013 Dragoenergy Spell Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0014.png TD03/0014 Dragonic Charge Spell Dragon World 2 C
TD03-0015.png TD03/0015 Green Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World 4 C
TD03-0016.png TD03/0016 Dragonblade, Dragobrave Item Dragon World 3 C
TD03-0017.png TD03/0017 Dragonblade, Dragofearless Item Dragon World 3 C
TD03-0018.png TD03/0018 Dragonic Punisher Impact Dragon World 3 2 C/1 RR
TD03-0019.png TD03/0019 Dragon World (card) Flag Dragon World 1 C

Card Breakdown

Monsters Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 10 5 2 1 1 19
Number of Copies 29 13 6 3 1 52

List of Trial Decks
Season 1

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Season 4<br\> X-SD01: Demon Lord Dragon of TempestX-SD02: Dragon FielderX-TD01: Decimating Black DragonX-TD02: Ruler of HavocX-TD03: Thunderous Warlords Alliance

Season 6<br\> S-SD01: DradeityS-SD02: Triangulum GalaxyS-SD03: Spiral Linkdragon OrderS-TD01: DraknightS-TD02: Legend of Double Horus