The wiki has undergone several changes in the past few months, including new personnel promotion, and changes to the templates. I, in place of the head admins Maddog98 and FutureKnightX, will be summarizing the changes here.


Table Header and Color

As mentioned in the previous blog of mine, the CardTable has gained one major addition: The table header.

At first, the table header was in an inconsistent state of coloring, but has gradually received maintenance and improvement, and now, it is as we can all see. (Though, the width is not yet adjusted). Should there be any unsightful things with the new addition, please contact me immediately.

In addition, the card infos (Set/Effect) also got their sub-table color header, and share the exact same coloring effect as the header coding, for they run color on the same code.

Collaboration Titles

Due to a newfound customization of coloring, the original CardTable is deemed unable to keep up with the stylization. Hence, a new template, CardTable/Collaboration was created. This template uses a different coding to stylize and generate effect, and will be used in place of the original CardTable for Collaboration Title Cards.

New Administrators

Three users have been promoted to the position of Administrator: 0123456789 The Great, Nerø32 and SkyAzurePhoenix. The former for being and to be the wiki's "tech guy". The latter two for being especially helpful editors, and to help with general moderation.


The Username color for Administrators has been set to red, and Content Moderators to blue. However, I, the one responsible for this part, got myself different customization.

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